Empower Employees to Monitor and Manage Device Security

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Uptycs User Driven Security allows administrators to create customizable security policies for employee workstations. “Otto M8” your friendly security bot prompts device owners via Slack, providing step-by-step guidance when security-related configurations need to be updated to align with your set policy.

Along with improved visibility into device security for administrators, Uptycs User Driven Security will subtly drive improved employee security awareness that can be applied at headquarters and beyond corporate boundaries.




Simplify Device Security

Help ensure your entire workforce fleet adheres to security best practices with automated policy and configuration alerts delivered via Slack that put end users in control of device updates.


Track & Improve Configuration Compliance at Device Level

Use the Uptycs global database to track the status of these parameters on all your machines, run reports for audit evidence, and to see historical improvements. Since policy checks are always running, there's no need for manual reporting and time consuming follow-up at the individual level.


Empower & Educate End Users

Each Slack alert requiring end user action will provide step-by-step instructions as well as context for why the configuration setting is important. This helps educate end users about your organization's security policies, leading to more "security aware" employees.