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Adapting to complex compliance demands

Uptycs enables compliance teams to effortlessly accommodate unique requirements specific to their organizations. Efficiently monitor compliance across diverse asset groups subject to varying demands.


  • Customize compliance checks with adjustable parameters
  • Group and tag assets for optimal visibility
  • Visualize the percentage of passed checks for any group
  • Monitor compliance progress over time to track improvement
  • Benefit from file integrity monitoring (FIM), vulnerability scanning, and malware detection

Compliance at the speed of cloud

Conventional compliance tools can be slow in extracting information and compiling reports. Uptycs unobtrusively collects a wealth of telemetry and makes it readily accessible for your compliance demands.


  • Obtain evidence through live and historical queries
  • Generate reports in a fraction of the time taken by traditional compliance tools
  • Normalize, ingest, and analyze data from both cloud and endpoint infrastructure

Unified compliance across environments

Uptycs uniquely provides quick access to compliance posture across endpoint, container, Kubernetes, and cloud environments. With a single solution, confidently address compliance concerns spanning multiple technologies.


  • Unified view of compliance posture across various environments
  • Minimize the number of tools required for compliance monitoring
  • Accommodate environment-specific checks, such as NSA Hardening Guidelines for K8s
“It’s a very convenient force multiplier to have one agent and data model everywhere. A huge benefit of Uptycs is that it's a single solution that allows us to correlate data from user endpoints and cloud.”
Chris Castaldo
CISO, Crossbeam

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