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Expose security threats before
they strike

Uptycs detects and responds to threats everywhere across your cloud, endpoints, containers, and K8s systems, addressing the challenges of a growing cloud footprint and expanding attack surfaces—including your developers’ laptops.


  • Protect macOS, Windows, and Linux endpoints
  • Detect malicious use of cloud API commands
  • Identify container and Kubernetes attacks
  • Correlate endpoint and cloud activity with threat intelligence

Engineered for advanced protection

With Uptycs, security teams can tailor their threat detection to their unique environment using clear logic and the option to replicate and adjust existing rules - and no black boxes.


  • View transparent detection logic
  • Clone and modify detections
  • Bring your own file hashes, YARA rules, JA3 signatures
  • Implement detection-as-code with a robust REST API

Intelligent response and automated blocking

Uptycs delivers automated blocking and remediation to quickly address automated attacks and minimize damage. Best of all, human analysts can intervene in real-time, if necessary.


  • Block malicious software and traffic
  • Automatically run scripts to remediate threats
  • Take real-time actions on hosts, files, processes, users, and containers
  • Integrate with SOAR and other security tools for advanced response options
Shift up your security

Advanced protection
across your environment

Uptycs XDR provides smart detection, cross-platform visibility, and customizable protection to defend your organization against advanced threats.

Smart Detection

Uptycs' smart detection capabilities use behavioral analysis and threat intelligence to identify and respond to advanced threats in real-time.

Cross-Platform Visibility

With Uptycs XDR, you can see and respond to threats across your entire environment, including endpoints, cloud infrastructure, containers, and Kubernetes.

Customizable Protection

Uptycs XDR's customizable policies and automated response options help you stay ahead of threats, protecting your organization on your own terms.

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