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Deep visibility and control for
server and laptop assets


Multiple security controls, one solution

Achieve all your security and compliance requirements in a single solution with Uptycs features like file integrity monitoring, intrusion detection, malware detection, software asset inventory, and vulnerability scanning.


  • Meet key security controls required for NIST 800-53, PCI, and SOC 2
  • Cut down on agent bloat that can perturb systems
  • Improve staff productivity with only one solution to learn

More than
traditional EDR

Uptycs includes a number of endpoint security capabilities you won’t find with traditional EDR tools. Offering advanced allowing you to: 


  • View detection logic and engineer custom detections
  • Run YARA rules against real-time process and file events
  • Take real-time actions including carving files, running scripts, isolating hosts, blocking IPs, and more
  • Monitor sensitive folders with file integrity monitoring (FIM)
  • Report on organization’s exposure to newly disclosed threats

Query your
endpoint fleet
like a database

Building on and extending open-source osquery technology, Uptycs equips organizations with visibility into their endpoint fleets. 


  • Answer questions during threat hunting, investigations, audits, and more
  • Run live and historical queries on a single system or across a fleet
  • Use standard SQL; no need to learn proprietary query languages

Enlist users in defense

Uptycs includes a friendly automated Slack bot, “Otto M8,” that alerts users to misconfigurations and other security issues on their devices. Otto M8 will be on hand to:


  • Help users keep their devices up-to-date and secure
  • Provide users with rationale and remediation steps
  • Enables users to re-scan their device to confirm successful remediation
Uptycs endpoint features at-a-glance

Your all-in-one solution for endpoint security, compliance, and vulnerability management

Uptycs provides you with unprecedented visibility across your endpoint fleet for threat detection and response, asset inventory and insight, audit and compliance, vulnerability scanning, and more.


Detect, block, investigate, and remediate malicious behavior across macOS, Linux, and Windows platforms.

Vulnerability scanning

Answer questions fast and with confidence. Inventory vulnerable packages across your fleets and decide which systems to prioritize.

Compliance & audit

Monitor and report on all major compliance standards with flexible checks. Easily gather evidence needed for auditors and vendor assessments.

Flexport Testimonial Image
“For so many issues, our answer is ‘Go to Uptycs.’ This improves efficiency because we can consolidate knowledge in fewer tools. Our security operations analysts can focus on one toolset and interface.”
Taylor Merry
Taylor Merry
Director of Security Operations, Flexport

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