Shift up your cloud workload security

Versatile, comprehensive cloud workload security

Uptycs has you covered with comprehensive support for a wide range of cloud workload technologies. Get the versatility you need to stay secure and running smoothly. Uptycs supports:


  • Container runtimes (CRI-O, containerd, Docker, LXC)
  • Self-managed (Kubernetes, OpenShift, AWS EKS, and more.)
  • Managed container orchestration platforms
  • Serverless technologies (AWS Fargate)
Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP) screenshot illustrating a detection, with the MITRE ATT&CK framework matrix on the left panel and the list of signals in the middle.

Threat detection and investigation

Uptycs CWPP includes advanced threat detection and investigation capabilities to protect your cloud workloads. You can quickly investigate the scope and severity of any detected threat and take appropriate action to mitigate risk.


  • Real-time detection of malicious behavior
  • Continuous runtime security with ATT&CK-mapped behavioral detection
  • YARA scans of in-memory processes and files
  • Live and historical query investigations

Vulnerability scanning and compliance enforcement

Uptycs CWPP provides continuous monitoring, vulnerability scanning, CIS Benchmarks checks, and enforcement of regulatory regimes for simplified compliance and quick issue remediation.


  • Simplified monitoring and compliance with readily available evidence
  • Quick identification and remediation of issues to prevent risks.
  • Proactive vulnerability scanning to identify and remediate risks before they can be exploited
CWPP KSPM Overview screenshot, showing detection in a multi-cloud environment
The Uptycs Advantage

Workload protection from laptop to cloud

Uptycs CWPP provides comprehensive security observability for cloud workloads, enabling fast detection of vulnerabilities and threats, with flexible agentless and agent-based scanning options, all in one single-pane-of-glass solution.

Unified Security View

Single pane of glass for visibility and protection across on-premises and cloud environments.

Early Risk Detection

Ability to identify vulnerabilities earlier in the CI/CD process for improved security posture.

Versatile Scanning Options

Flexibility with both agentless and agent-based scanning options for comprehensive security observability.

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