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Make informed decisions
about vulnerabilities

Prioritize vulnerabilities with contextual insights

Are cyber threats actively exploiting the vulnerability? Is the affected software merely installed or actively running in memory? Uptycs offers valuable context to help you prioritize vulnerabilities and take decisive action.


  • Smart indicators reveal if vulnerable software is running in memory
  • Gain contextual insights, such as the availability of potential exploits
  • Easily sort by vulnerability, software package, asset, or container image
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Comprehensive scanning for cloud, containers, and endpoints

In the vast landscape of vulnerabilities, security teams often grapple with prioritization. Uptycs simplifies the process of discovering, prioritizing, and remediating vulnerabilities across endpoint, cloud, and container assets.


  • Gain complete visibility across AWS, Azure, and GCP 
  • Utilize agentless workload scanning to ensure 100% coverage
  • Identify vulnerabilities in operating systems, applications, and cloud 
  • Benefit from both scheduled and on-demand scanning for maximum flexibility

Flexible workflow management

Once you've identified which vulnerabilities to fix, an efficient and customized workflow is essential. Uptycs provides streamlined workflows, or can leverage APIs to seamlessly integrate with your existing processes.


  • Create tickets using your current tools or collaborate within Uptycs
  • Export data to SIEM, AWS S3, or CSV formats
  • Assign, update, and exempt identified vulnerabilities
  • Utilize the API for seamless integration with your existing workflow and toolset

Automatic vulnerability reports

Automatic vulnerability reports enable users to swiftly and effortlessly identify and remediate vulnerabilities, thereby reducing the risk of security breaches and other security-related incidents.


  • See vulnerabilities by distribution and identify if installed software is vulnerable
  • Easily reference CVE details and get a direct link to the recommended patch process
  • Automate vulnerability identification and reporting, eliminating manual scans
  • Detailed vulnerability information enables prioritization and better decisions
“Uptycs lets us make more informed risk-based decisions, like whether a system with a vulnerability is exposed to the internet or not without having to boil the ocean.”
Chris Castaldo
CISO, Crossbeam

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