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Get a head start with threat books

Threat hunts often start with known IOCs shared in information sharing groups. Speed up the process of searching for IOCs with Threat Books, sets of known IOCs aligned with certain threat actors. 


  • Create and update your own Threat Books using file hashes, JA3 signatures, domains, and IP addresses
  • Take advantage of up-to-date Threat Books created by our Threat Research team
  • Pre-set to automatically search your environment for a specified period
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Spot outliers across your endpoint fleet

Anomalous activities can be a valuable indicator of potential threats within your environment. Uptycs offers insights into anomalous behaviors across your on-premises and cloud-based macOS, Linux, and Windows devices.


  • Identify rare startup items and packages, including prevalence and date first seen
  • Highlight rare process paths by operating system
  • See rare DNS queries and remote IP addresses to help spot potential phishing or command-and-control

Analyze remote user activity

Attackers or insiders may frequently use remote sessions in unusual ways, making it challenging to identify deviations in behavior. Uptycs visualizes remote user sessions in a heatmap, enabling you to easily detect and investigate peculiar patterns.


  • Filter remote login activity by user name, operating system, and hostname
  • Drill into remote session activity including commands
  • Understand actions taken by the remote user by viewing the process tree graph for the session
Threat Hunting

Stay vigilant when hunting threats

Explore our cutting-edge solutions for accelerated threat hunting, proactive threat detection, and user behavior insights.

Boost Your Threat Hunting
Customizable YARA scanning and simple SQL query analysis enable you to quickly develop hypotheses and conduct in-depth investigations.
Outpace Threat Actors
Leverage Uptycs' Threat Books and detected anomalous activities to pinpoint emerging threats before they impact your organization.
Gain User Behavior Insights
Examine remote user sessions and detect behavioral changes using a heatmap, enabling swift identification of potential threats.

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