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End-to-end visibility and protection


Break down silos: Control Plane & Data Plane visibility

Attackers don’t work in silos, and neither should you. Stay ahead of the ever-evolving threat landscape. Uptycs’ eBPF sensor captures telemetry from across your running nodes and K8s control plane, correlating these data sources in real-time.


  • Unified threat detection across the control plane (Kubernetes and managed services) and data plane (running nodes and containers).
  • Provide analysts with the context to effectively triage and investigate alerts.
  • Automated remediation steps that block malicious processes before they proliferate. 

Secure the CI/CD ecosystem

Enable devops workflows with the right security to clean images and code repositories before they hit production. Confidently ship your builds and create golden container images for immutability in runtime. 


  • Automated registry scanning for Docker, JFrog Artifactory, Azure, and AWS ECR.
  • Secrets scanning using YARA rules and regex based alerts incorporated into Jenkins, Gitlab, Github Actions.
  • Implement image hardening and reporting for CIS Benchmarks, SOC2 and PCI from build through runtime.
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Enforce policy and RBAC configurations

Ensure the right users have the right access with Uptycs support for role based access control (RBAC) and policy enforcement. Hone in on overly privileged user or service accounts with out-of-the-box analysis (e.g. exec privileges or access to shared secrets), and investigate configurations. 


  • Visualize relationships across running containers and clusters. 
  • Easily identify and investigate risky configurations for service accounts and over privileged users.
  • Embedded Gatekeeper (OPA) support for both Audit and Enforcement modes.
Containers and Kubernetes features at-a-glance

Bulletproof your containers and Kubernetes: From dev to deploy

Quickly identify and respond to security risks across your container deployments. Identify vulnerabilities early in the build process, verify secure configurations, ensure compliance, and continuously monitor in production.

Threat detection and hunting

Complete detection coverage with behavioral rules, YARA scanning, and threat intelligence correlation.

Complete observability with eBPF

Comprehensive real-time and historic telemetry across the control plane and running nodes.

Context-rich vulnerability management

Easily scan hundreds of thousands of hosts for CVEs and custom use cases, making it easy to prioritize vulnerabilities or export reports.

“The security team at Flexport owns the Uptycs deployment, but the solution is providing value to the entire organization.”
Kevin Page
Kevin Page
CISO, Flexport

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