Spot malicious cloud
behavior instantly

Centralized visibility and control across clouds

Gain full visibility across AWS, GCP, and Azure cloud environments. Uptycs eliminates siloes by unifying your API, workload, and threat intelligence monitoring and response workflows in one UI.


Automatic threat detection and response at runtime

Reduce MTTR with out-of-the-box detections and automatic remediation. The Uptycs cloud detection feed catches malicious behavior and surfaces it so your team isn’t hunting for critical information during a crisis. 

Detect the most sophisticated threats

Uptycs Cloud Anomaly Detection helps organizations improve their security posture by proactively detecting and responding to potential cloud security threats or policy violations, reducing the risk of security breaches, and minimizing the impact of security incidents.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Your security is our priority

Get total peace-of-mind with Uptycs Managed Services' 24/7 fully managed threat detection and response (MDR) services. Seamlessly expand security across your entire attack surface with ease.

Stay focused on what matters
Managed Protect strengthens your security ops and continuously contains potential threats, so you’re free to get things done.
24/7 monitoring for dynamic protection
Uptycs’ security squad is always ready to triage any potentially critical security issues. Swift and effective, Managed Monitoring has your back.
Security tailored for threats that matter most
We’ll customize a threat detection profile specific to your unique organizational threats to ensure an effortless security experience.

Resources for
the modern defender

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See Uptycs in action

Start with our free, no-obligation 35-day trial. Get comfortable with Uptycs using synthetic data, then deploy to a live environment.