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Cloud Workload Protection Platform

Secure your workloads with agentless or agent-based coverage across hosts, VMs, containers, and serverless functions.

Kubernetes Security Posture Management

Identify and fix security and compliance issues within Kubernetes components to prevent supply chain attacks.

Cloud Security Posture Platform

Identify and prioritize risks across your cloud environments for a complete picture of your cloud estate.

Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management

Protect your cloud resources and infrastructure from unauthorized access, misuse, and insider threat.

Cloud Detection and Response

Detect and respond to threats in the cloud with eBPF based visibility into your entire cloud attack surface.

Dev to prod cloud security

Simplify your
cloud security

Eliminate tool sprawl by securing your CI/CD pipeline, infrastructure, and production workloads in one platform. Consolidate or replace CSPM, CWPP, and EDR tools with one integrated solution.


See and stop cloud
threat actors

Detect and respond to attackers anywhere in your environment with visibility into your entire attack surface. With one solution, secure supply chains, infrastructure, containers, hosts, and laptops.

Gain visibility and prove compliance

Shift left to gain unified visibility across your entire cloud estate and prove compliance. Prevent cloud breaches by monitoring and fixing misconfigurations, advancing identity security, and enforcing security policies.

“It’s very convenient and a kind of force multiplier to have one agent and data model everywhere. One of the big benefits of Uptycs is that it’s a single solution where we can correlate data from user endpoints and cloud.”
Chris Castaldo
CISO, Crossbeam

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the modern defender

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