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Track activity across environments

Defenders shouldn't have to rely on multiple tools to track malicious activity across different environments. This slows down investigations and creates unnecessary stress.


  • Reduce complexity and boost peace of mind
  • Conduct investigations across cloud and on-premises environments
  • Analyze telemetry from macOS, Windows, Linux, K8s control plane, and public cloud APIs
  • Normalize all telemetry as SQL tables for easy correlation with a JOIN clause

Live investigation and remediation

Uptycs provides an at-a-glance view of the activity of a running system and empowers you to take immediate action to stop any malicious behavior in real time.


  • The power to do more, instantly
  • Browse the file system and running processes
  • Download files, or carve and scan processes
  • Kill, pause, restart processes and view their ancestry list
  • Quarantine or shut down a host, enable or disable users, or run remediation scripts

Flight recorder

Capture complete and accurate telemetry with Uptycs Flight Recorder. Secure the ability to play back the past activity of a system, including workloads that are no longer running.


  • The power to explore even more
  • Collect and analyze detailed system telemetry including process, file, and socket events
  • Store detailed telemetry for up to 30 days (longer retention is available)
  • Use Time Machine feature to select telemetry for a certain period for playback
  • Analyze detection events in detail, including interactive process tree showing correlated system activity

Industry standard SQL

Uptycs provides a set of investigation queries, but also provides the ability and freedom to create your own to enhance your incident response capabilities.


  • Uptycs speaks your language
  • No proprietary query language to learn
  • Save investigation queries for teammates to use during incident response
  • Access an easy-to-understand schema to see what tables and columns are available
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“I would not want to do security anywhere without the level of visibility that Uptycs provides on the endpoint.”
Steve Shedlock
Incident Response Team Lead, SEI

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