Announcing the osquery@scale Conference

Osquery has become a popular tooling for endpoint-based security analytics. The user community is thriving and vibrant as reflected in GitHub security showcase and osquery slack channel activity. There are many organizations, large and small, who are using it for a wide-variety of use cases. There are anecdotal references to organizations such as Facebook, Google and others using it at very large scale to get security visibility.

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Conducting A Vulnerability Assessment: A Step-By-Step Guide For Linux Workloads In The Cloud

Being proactive about protecting your systems, networks, applications and critical data is a cornerstone of a robust, successful security program. Having a vulnerability assessment plan is a way of doing just that—proactively identifying weaknesses within your systems, so you can shore them up before attackers find and take advantage of them.

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Building Your Cyber Security Strategy: A Step-By-Step Guide

A cyber security strategy is fundamental in helping your company take a proactive approach to security instead of reacting to every new threat, which can be time consuming and expensive. Whether you have an outdated strategy in place or you are starting from scratch, you can use this guide to get started building an effective and strategic cyber security plan.

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3 Cloud Computing Security Issues & How To Get Them Under Control

Businesses are enthusiastically adopting cloud computing as a cost-saving technology, and it’s no wonder, the business case for cloud technology speaks for itself: reduced asset depreciation, remarkably agile resources that can scale up or down within minutes, and fewer staff to maintain it. Unfortunately, this is only part of the picture.

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What Is Cyber Threat Hunting? [2019]

Threats to cyber security have been around for decades, but the sophistication and motivations of attackers have evolved. In the early days, they carried out relatively simple, insignificant attacks in an attempt to show off their programming abilities; now, sophisticated cybercriminals (sometimes sponsored by governments and companies) launch serious attacks to steal products and ideas, or other data, from digital infrastructure.

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Linux Security Simplified: How To Make Linux More Secure (With Less Work)

Linux is a versatile operating system. Its use cases vary greatly, from hosting hundreds of containers across a complex network, to running a single desktop, to the operating systems of TVs, Android phones and most Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

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Uptycs File Integrity Monitoring Solutions: Security Control, Simplified

Knowing how files are being accessed within a network, and by whom, is an important part of a security team’s global security program. But finding the right file integrity monitoring software can be a challenge, particularly when you’re managing a hybrid of cloud and on-premises infrastructure across macOS, Linux, and Windows.

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[Infographic] macOS Native Security Configurations and osquery

Be it for macOS or my dog eating out of the trash, there is no such thing as a bullet-proof security policy. It’s all about creating a threshold of standards- something to work off of while simultaneously reducing overall risk (you know, like storing your trash can on the counter, for example).

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Why Real Time Threat Intelligence Isn’t Enough

Detecting security threats is difficult work, now more so than ever. Our threat intelligence tools are playing catch-up with increasingly sophisticated attack vectors, including polymorphic malware, quick-turn domains and other turn-on-a-dime attack tactics.

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[Video] Osquery and 8 macOS Security Best Practices

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