Uptycs has been recognized for Overall Leadership, Product Leadership, and Innovation Leadership in the KuppingerCole CNAPP Leadership Compass for 2024.

"Organizations looking for a complete CNAPP to cover hybrid multi-cloud environments, Kubernetes infrastructure, and software supply chain security should consider Uptycs"

-CNAPP Leadership Compass by KuppingerCole

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Uptycs: A market disruptor and overall CNAPP leader

The inclusion of Uptycs as a "Market Disruptor" in the KuppingerCole CNAPP Leadership Compass for 2024 underscores its pivotal role in reshaping the cloud-native application protection platform landscape. This distinction is rooted in Uptycs' exceptional scalability and performance, comprehensive security from development ecosystem to runtime, and advanced threat detection capabilities with customizable security features.


  • Scalability for large hybrid multicloud cloud environments: Uptycs is lauded for its exceptional capability to efficiently manage and secure vast, high-traffic environments, crucial for enterprises with thousands of workloads and complex security demands. That’s why enterprises like PayPal, Comcast, and Nutanix rely on Uptycs to secure the development ecosystems they use to build their applications and run their workloads.
  • Unified and comprehensive security coverage: Complete coverage from dev to runtime. Uptycs brings teams together to optimize security operations, ensure compliance, and accelerate remediation across workloads, clouds, Kubernetes, and software pipelines – all from a single security console, policy framework, and data lake.
  • Innovative threat detection and customization: With advanced threat detection capabilities and customizable security features such as retroactive analysis and MITRE ATT&CK mapping, Uptycs enables rapid, tailored responses to threats, enhancing organizational resilience against emerging security challenges.


Ready to unify and scale your hybrid cloud security?

Uptycs is the top CNAPP choice for security teams collaborating with developers to safeguard critical application pipelines, mitigate risks, and defend runtime environments in the hybrid cloud.


Our leadership in innovation, product capabilities, and market presence equips us to be your trusted partner in safeguarding your cloud-native applications. Schedule your demo today and take the first step towards comprehensive hybrid cloud security - from dev to runtime.



Uptycs is a leader in the CNAPP market

Uptycs is a leader and innovator in the CNAPP market based on the analysis in KuppingerCole's report. Its technical strengths and product strategy were key factors in its high ratings.



Overall CNAPP Leadership

Uptycs is named an Overall Leader based on strong ratings across product capabilities, innovation, and market position. This puts Uptycs among the top CNAPP vendors.

Overall Leaders are positioned to shape and drive advancements in the CNAPP market. Uptycs has demonstrated a compelling vision and strong product capabilities. The Overall Leadership designation validates Uptycs as a top competitor that is financially stable and able to execute its product strategy. It has shown the ability to deliver robust CNAPP functionalities.



CNAPP Product Leadership

As a Product Leader, Uptycs placed in the top segment for its product completeness and support of required CNAPP features.

Specific capabilities highlighted as strengths include auto-remediation, identity and access visibility, broad workload coverage, compliance automation, Kubernetes security, and advanced threat detection. Uptycs matched or exceeded top vendors on the depth and breadth of its product. This shows Uptycs' ability to compete head-to-head on technical capabilities.



CNAPP Innovation Leadership

Uptycs' Innovation Leader designation reflects its forward-looking development of new CNAPP features and focus on modern security challenges.


The company exhibited strong vision around emerging technologies like cloud, containers, and DevOps. Its rapid innovation aligns with where the market is headed. As an Innovation Leader, Uptycs is driving new ideas in the CNAPP space - particularly for hybrid cloud security visibility, advanced analytics, and Kubernetes and container security.

About KuppingerCole and the evaluation process

The esteemed analyst group, KuppingerCole Analysts AG, renowned for its Leadership Compass reports, conducts thorough evaluations of technology solutions across various sectors, including CNAPP. Their evaluation process is meticulously designed to assess vendors on multiple fronts: product strength, market presence, innovation, and financial health.


These assessments are derived from comprehensive market research, product analysis, and customer feedback, ensuring a well-rounded and unbiased evaluation. Their evaluation of Uptycs in this latest report underscores the rigor and credibility of their evaluation process, and identifies Uptycs as a leader in the CNAPP market.