It May Be St. Paddy's Day, But Don't Rely on Luck to Secure Your Cloud

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Laura Kenner

This St. Patrick's Day, as we immerse ourselves in tales of luck and fortune, it's crucial to understand that when it comes to securing our digital estates, luck alone won't suffice. In Thales 2023 Cloud Security Study, it is noted that “39% of businesses experienced a data breach in their cloud environment last year, an increase of 4 points from the previous year (35%).” In the face of the cybersecurity industry's daunting data challenge—characterized by an overwhelming volume, variety, and velocity of data—Uptycs emerges as the strategic partner you need, not by chance, but by design.


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The data dilemma in cybersecurity

Today's cybersecurity landscape is inundated with data. From the exponential increase in infrastructure units and system changes to the burgeoning regulations and the myriad of people and tools interacting with IT infrastructure, the complexity is staggering. With AWS alone boasting over 14,000 identity and access management permissions, the data challenge is palpable. But where others see obstacles, Uptycs sees opportunity.


Uptycs has pioneered the "shift up security" approach, inspired by industry giants from outside the cybersecurity sphere. This strategy involves normalizing security telemetry close to its source, then streaming it into a centralized data lake, the Uptycs Detection Cloud. With a unified data model and security console, Uptycs eliminates the inefficiencies of traditional methods, providing a scalable solution for the data conundrum.


Discover how Uptycs tackles the cybersecurity data challenge

Shifting up with Uptycs

Uptycs has addressed the cybersecurity data challenge head-on by implementing a highly scalable architecture, underscored by a three-tier analytics pipeline. This approach eliminates the opacity of black boxes and the complexity of ETL processes, ensuring that you can access the insights you need without the hassle of submitting a support ticket.


The Uptycs architecture:
  • Collection: Using open SQL, Uptycs gathers structured telemetry from a broad spectrum of sources, facilitated by the Uptycs Sensor.
  • Aggregation: Data is consolidated within an Extended Detection Network, enabling swift cohort analysis.
  • Analysis: Offering unparalleled analytics capabilities, Uptycs enables real-time correlation and in-depth investigations with a comprehensive suite of tools.

Your four-leaf clover in cloud security

Relying on Uptycs for cloud security is akin to having a perennial four-leaf clover. With its innovative architecture and comprehensive analytics pipeline, Uptycs empowers organizations to gain complete control and visibility over their security data. This approach ensures not just detection but meaningful action, guided by insights and standards like MITRE ATT&CK and CIS Benchmarks.



As we celebrate St. Patrick's Day, let's embrace the idea that in the domain of cloud security, the best "luck" comes from preparation and the right partnerships. Uptycs offers a unique approach to CNAPP that transforms luck into assurance, providing the tools and insights needed for robust cloud security.


May your St. Patrick's Day be filled with joy, and your cloud environments secured by the unmatched capabilities of Uptycs CNAPP for full-spectrum security from your developer’s laptop to your cloud workloads, no matter where they live.