Osquery-Powered Security Analytics Platform

A unified view for fleet visibility, intrusion detection, vulnerability monitoring, and compliance across operating systems and computing environments.
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Cloud Workload Security and Monitoring

Continuous monitoring and security built for the ephemeral nature of cloud workloads and containers. 
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Unprecedented Threat Visibility for Your Mac Fleet

Intrusion detection, vulnerability monitoring and configuration compliance, purpose built for macOS.
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Endpoint Security for Modern Infrastructure

For Linux, macOS, Windows, containers and cloud workloads.
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Group 28 Uptycs for

Mac Threat Visibility

Instant access to the who, what, when and where at the individual Macbook and global fleet level.

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Group 23 Uptycs for

Cloud Workloads

Continuous monitoring and security built for the ephemeral nature of cloud workloads and containers.

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Group 118 Uptycs for

Modern Enterprise

Go beyond osquery data collection - aggregate, correlate and analyze system data with Uptycs.

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A challenge in the modern enterprise is juggling the numerous point security solutions — each with their own data collection strategy — especially across a diverse ecosystem of IT assets. Uptycs combines the universality of osquery with meaningful views of data. 

Andy Ellis

Chief Security Officer at Akamai

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How can organizations contain SIEM value based pricing models without sacrificing endpoint security observability?

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Out-of-the-Box Analytics Enable Your Security Team
to Spend Time Where it Matters Most

Don’t spend valuable time writing queries and building dashboards. Within minutes, get access to multiple analytical workflows that you don’t need to build yourself, including:

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Ad-hoc Queries

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Group 90

Custom Reports

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Real-time Alerting

Deploy and scale Uptycs across your infrastructure in minutes - whether to 50 or 500,000 endpoints - and start realizing the value of osquery analytics, instantly.

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