Cloud Workload Protection

Comprehensive security observability and compliance for your cloud workloads and cloud infrastructure.

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Cloud Security Posture Management

Simplify the task of hardening your cloud attack surface and enforcing adherence to best practices, such as those defined by the CIS Benchmarks.

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eXtended Detection & Response

Unify telemetry from your modern attack surfaces for comprehensive detection and response capabilities, moving beyond discrete alerts.

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One Platform, Multiple Solutions
Meet your cloud-native security solution stack. The Uptycs Security Analytics Platform is built for modern defenders who have a charter to close security observability gaps across their cloud-native infrastructure. The Uptycs platform is composed of telemetry sources across the cloud-native attack surface, a powerful analytics engine and data pipeline, and data summarizations and visualizations that solve for multiple security solutions.
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“After a thorough evaluation by our security engineering team, Uptycs was deployed on a large scale as a key component of our security posture. The Uptycs platform provides a broad set of security capabilities with instant endpoint and asset visibility that powers detection and response as well as compliance and governance.”

Leon Li

Vice President, Comcast Security

As a cloud-based company running on AWS, finding a platform to solve all of our security needs across all of our accounts and services was a top priority. Finding a single solution that could solve for audit and inventory of our cloud assets, as well as endpoint detection and response, was a challenge — until we found Uptycs. Now we're able to do more with less, and save time, while maintaining a strong cloud security posture.

Kevin Paige

CISO, Flexport

"We’ve been using Uptycs for security visibility, threat detection, and incident investigation across our Linux and MacOS fleet. Their audit and compliance analytics have been instrumental for our FedRAMP authorization and ISO 27001 certification."

Grant Kahn

Director, Security Intelligence Engineering at Lookout

"Uptycs have been a bit of a revelation to me. Instead of ingesting logfiles and asking you to write IDS rules in a custom query language, they leverage osquery to expose your entire infrastructure as SQL. Everything you want to know or alert on is just as straight-forward as querying a database. It's fantastic."

Dieter Van der Stock

Security Engineer

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