AWS & Uptycs: Advanced Data Security Services, Integrations & Solutions

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Laura Kenner

At Uptycs, we are committed to providing seamless integrations and advanced security solutions for AWS customers. Our partnership with AWS allows us to enhance the capabilities of our platform and deliver even greater value to our customers. Today we highlight our latest achievements and integrations with AWS and outline the benefits they bring to Uptycs customers who utilize AWS services.


AWS Marketplace Seller

aws marketplace logoAs an AWS Marketplace Seller, Uptycs provides customers a streamlined and convenient platform to discover, evaluate, and procure its trusted and verified offerings. Uptycs' solutions are built to address cloud environments' unique challenges and requirements, providing customers with comprehensive visibility, threat detection, and compliance management. Customers can rely on Uptycs' deep understanding of AWS services and its commitment to staying up to date with the latest AWS best practices and security standards.

With simplified procurement, flexible pricing, seamless integration with AWS, and Uptycs' expertise in cloud security, customers can confidently leverage Uptycs' solutions to strengthen their security and compliance capabilities in their AWS environments.


AWS Security Competency

aws security softward competency logoAs an AWS Security Competency Partner, Uptycs offers a comprehensive suite of security solutions specifically designed for AWS environments. This achievement signifies our deep expertise and understanding of AWS security best practices. By partnering with Uptycs, customers can benefit from advanced threat detection capabilities, proactive incident response, and robust compliance management, enabling them to safeguard their AWS workloads, applications, and data effectively.

  • Comprehensive Security: Uptycs provides a wide range of security solutions tailored for AWS services, ensuring comprehensive protection against evolving threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Industry-Leading Expertise: As an AWS Security Competency Partner, Uptycs possesses in-depth knowledge of AWS security best practices, offering customers industry-leading expertise and guidance.
  • Enhanced Security Posture: By leveraging Uptycs' solutions, customers can strengthen their overall security posture, enabling them to identify and mitigate risks more effectively.


AWS Public Sector Partnership

aws public sector partner logoUptycs' partnership with AWS in the public sector domain brings specialized solutions and tailored services to government, education, healthcare, nonprofit, and space sector customers. Through this collaboration, Uptycs addresses the unique security requirements of the public sector and helps organizations achieve their security objectives efficiently.

  • Tailored Solutions: Uptycs offers customized solutions to meet the specific security needs of public sector organizations, ensuring compliance and data protection.
  • Funding Opportunities: Through the AWS Public Sector Partnership, Uptycs customers in the public sector gain access to exclusive funding opportunities, empowering them to accelerate their security initiatives.
  • Increased Visibility: Being part of the AWS Public Sector Partnership enhances the visibility of Uptycs' specialized services in the AWS Partner Solution Finder, making it easier for public sector organizations to discover and engage with our solutions.


AWS Security Lake Integration

Uptycs' integration with AWS Security Lake enables customers to centralize and analyze their security data from various sources, providing a comprehensive view of their security posture. By aggregating security logs and events in a single location, organizations can proactively identify threats, streamline compliance management, and take informed actions to protect their AWS resources.

  • Centralized Security Data: The integration with AWS Security Lake allows customers to consolidate security data, providing a unified view of their AWS environments and third-party sources for efficient threat detection and incident response.
  • Actionable Insights: Uptycs' behavioral threat detections, policy violations, and vulnerability insights within AWS Security Lake enable customers to gain actionable insights and respond effectively to security incidents.
  • Simplified Compliance: Uptycs' integration simplifies compliance management by transforming data into the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF) format, facilitating compliance with regulatory requirements and enabling effective auditing of security controls.


AWS Systems Manager Integration

Uptycs seamlessly integrates with AWS Systems Manager, providing customers with a unified interface for managing instances, operating systems, applications, and other AWS resources. This integration streamlines resource management, automates operational tasks, and strengthens security controls across AWS environments.

  • Unified Resource Management: Uptycs' integration with AWS Systems Manager offers customers a centralized platform for managing and monitoring their AWS resources, resulting in improved operational efficiency.
  • Automated Operational Tasks: By leveraging the integration, customers can automate critical tasks such as patch management, software inventory, and system configurations, reducing manual effort and ensuring consistent security policies and configurations.
  • Strengthened Security Controls: Uptycs' integration with AWS Systems Manager enables customers to enforce consistent security controls across their AWS environments, proactively identify vulnerabilities, and respond swiftly to security incidents.



These achievements and integrations highlight our commitment to empowering Uptycs customers with robust security solutions and seamless AWS integrations. By leveraging the power of AWS and Uptycs' advanced capabilities, organizations can achieve enhanced security, streamlined operations, and proactive threat detection, enabling them to navigate the evolving threat landscape confidently.


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