When to use Agent-Based and Agentless Workload Security

Date Recorded: Tuesday, January 24th
Duration: 36 min

This month Uptycs's unveiled an agentless workload scanning solution, arming teams with 100% friction-free coverage of their cloud workloads. Agentless workload scanning gives you a fast, point-in-time snapshot of the security posture of all workloads in your environment. You can measure risk (vulnerabilities and misconfigurations), detect malware, and understand the compliance posture of workloads.

This session features Jack Roehrig, a seasoned security veteran and CISO, who joins us to break down the benefits of an agentless model and why the Uptycs unified approach of both agentless and agent-based cloud workload security provides the best of both worlds.

Watch the webinar below to hear Jack's war stories and how he overcame operational and organizational roadblocks (like the inability to install agents on workloads) using agentless solutions. Watch to learn:

What you will learn: 

  • The unique benefits of agentless workload scanning - using a copy of the virtual disk - to passively scan and not interfere with applications
  • Underlying architecture showing the differences between agentless and agent-based deployments
  • How to balance deployments using both agentless and agent-based to achieve the right coverage for your assets and organizational needs


Uptycs live presenters

Jeremy Colvin
Jeremy Colvin
Technical Product Marketing Manager
Jack Roehrig
Jack Roehrig
Technology Evangelist

Tyson Supasatit
Tyson Supasatit
Director of Product Marketing

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