We are excited to share that Uptycs has once again garnered significant accolades in the G2 Winter 2024 Reports, solidifying our position as a leader in cloud security and endpoint detection and response (EDR).

G2 is a leading peer-review platform that provides credible evaluations of software and services, based on user feedback and data-driven insights. Their awards, recognized for reflecting genuine customer satisfaction and product excellence, are highly esteemed in the tech industry. Being acknowledged by G2 signifies credibility and market leadership, making their awards a valuable endorsement for any company.


High Performer in Cloud Security and EDR


Uptycs is a leader in Cloud Security on G2

In the highly competitive G2 Grid for Cloud Security, Uptycs proudly stands as a High Performer, ranking #69 out of 186 companies. This achievement highlights our robust capabilities and the trust customers place in our cloud security solutions. Similarly, in the EDR Software category, Uptycs has been recognized as a High Performer, ranking 22nd out of 34 companies, emphasizing our strength in the EDR market.



Easiest to Do Business With


Uptycs is a leader in Cloud Security on G2

Uptycs has been awarded the “Easiest to Do Business With” badge in both the EDR and Cloud Security categories in the Winter 2024 G2 reports. This accolade is a reflection of our commitment to user-friendly solutions and excellent customer service.




Exceptional Relationship Scores


Our customers have consistently rated us highly, with Uptycs achieving a Relationship Score of 83% in EDR and an impressive 84% in Cloud Security. We've also earned a perfect 100% in Ease of Doing Business With for both categories, showcasing our dedication to creating positive and seamless customer experiences.


Customer praise for Uptycs


Uptycs' users praise its comprehensive and efficient cybersecurity solutions, highlighting its equal support for Windows, Mac,  Unix, and IBM systems with a full suite of detections for each​​. The detailed detections, including process trees and associated file hashes, are noted for their effectiveness in endpoint security​​. The platform's capability to provide in-depth visibility with customizable features in a cloud deployment is particularly lauded​​. Additionally, users value Uptycs for its structured threat intelligence and vulnerability detection on workstation operating systems and software, addressing runtime threat management, detection, and response needs​​. Moreover, the transition to Uptycs from other major industry solutions is mentioned as beneficial, with Uptycs offering more impactful intelligence​​.

Read the reviews for yourself at Uptycs G2 profile.


Onward and upward


The recognition from G2 is more than just a validation of our products; it's a testament to our relentless drive for excellence and innovation in the cybersecurity landscape. As we continue to grow and evolve, our focus remains on empowering businesses to protect their digital environments effectively.


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About Uptycs' unified CNAPP and XDR platform


Uptycs has revolutionized cybersecurity by integrating Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) and Extended Detection and Response (XDR) into one unified platform. By combining these critical functions, Uptycs ensures comprehensive security coverage, simplifying management and enhancing threat detection and response capabilities. With Uptycs' unified platform, organizations can confidently protect their cloud environments and endpoints, consolidate tooling, and eliminate security gaps, across their entire digital landscape.

Cloud Native Application Protection Platform: Uptycs CNAPP unifies various aspects of cloud security into a single solution. It includes Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP), Kubernetes Security Posture Management (KSPM), Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM), and Cloud Detection and Response (CDR). This integration provides comprehensive protection, helping to secure cloud workloads, manage compliance, and detect and respond to threats. It offers visibility and control over the entire cloud environment, emphasizing the importance of unified security management.

Uptycs Extended Detection and Response for Endpoint Security: Uptycs XDR focuses on endpoint security, providing a robust solution for workspace and workload security. It integrates various security components into one platform, allowing for efficient threat detection and response. Uptycs XDR is designed to secure endpoints across different environments, offering a centralized view for better threat management and response. Its capabilities extend to securing cloud environments and integrating with existing security infrastructure to provide comprehensive endpoint protection.