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    October 18, 2022

    Uptycs Announces Integration with PagerDuty: Helping Teams Solve Incident Response From Detection Through Response

    Uptycs is excited to announce the integration of Uptycs with PagerDuty! Now customers can send detections from the Uptycs platform into the PagerDuty platform to create powerful incident response workflows. 


    The right alerts, in the right hands

    The detections and events framework in Uptycs gives teams deep visibility into their IT ecosystem. Customers have been using Uptycs and PagerDuty together to simplify sending alerts and event notifications, getting into the right hands faster, and helping expedite response and resolution times across endpoint, cloud, and container assets.


    Integrations made simple

    Integrating Uptycs + PagerDuty is as simple as adding a new service in the PagerDuty service directory, then setting PagerDuty as the alert destination in Uptycs. 


    Below we walk through the five easy steps it takes to start sending alerts from the Uptycs platform into PagerDuty.

    1. In Uptycs, create an Event rule and Alert rule under Uptycs configurations, and generate an alert.
    2. Go to the Alert rule and click on Send notifications.

    3. Select the ‘Destination Type’ as PagerDuty and create a name for this alert rule. The Service Key will be your Integration Key created as part of the Service Directory creation in PagerDuty.
    4. Click on Notify on Every Alert and Close After Delivery and click Save.
    5. Generate an Alert in Uptycs and Go to the Pagerduty dashboard. PagerDuty > Incidents > All Incidents and check if your alert has been triggered.


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    Jeremy Colvin

    Jeremy Colvin is a Technical Product Marketing Analyst at Uptycs and enjoys learning the bits and bytes of what makes good security. Prior to Uptycs, Jeremy spent two years at Deloitte helping clients architect, configure, and implement secure systems. He graduated from Princeton with an AB in Public and International...

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