Uptycs at RSA Cybersecurity Conference 2023: Unveiling Insights & Innovations

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Mark Bliss

RSA 2023 is an opportunity for us to become stronger together. After all, cybersecurity is a collaborative endeavor that requires a united front to reduce risk, protect company assets, and prevent security gaps.


We’re proud to support the 2023 RSA cybersecurity conference, and we hope you’ll connect with us in one or more of the following ways listed below…


TL;DR: You can use the same form to arrange a meeting with us at our booth, our private meeting room, or request an invite to one of our VIP events.


Arrive early and meet us at BSidesSF and attend our session: Hunting Supply Chain Threats Using Anomaly Detection

BSidesSF Image
Dates: Saturday, April 22 - Sunday, April 23
Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (both days)
Location: City View at Metreon

Attend our BSidesSF session with Uptycs’ Craig Chamberlain, Director of Anomaly Detection.

Date / Time: Saturday, April 22, 1:30 pm - 2:20 pm


Visit us at Booth #0335 in the RSA South Expo Hall @ Moscone Center

Dates: Monday, April 24 - Thursday, April 27

Time: Expo Hall Hours - we'll be here alllllll week long!

  • Monday, 04/24/23, 4:30 PM – 7:00 PM
  • Tuesday, 04/25/23, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Wednesday, 04/26/23, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Thursday, 04/27/23, 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

You can book time with us at our booth, our private meeting room, or at one of our VIP events.

Cyber Heroes Booth Raffle!


We want you to walk away with more hero in your pocket and less junk in your suitcase. That’s why we’re partnering with Mission: Comics and Art, a local comic book store, to raffle off what every cyber hero needs: COOL HERO STUFF.


What do we mean by “Cool Hero Stuff?” - glad you asked! It’s not a boring pen or clunky water bottle that other vendors will be giving away at RSA. No no, my friend. We’ve got the ultimate Nerd Wall jam-packed with all of your favorite nerdy collector's items, like Power Ranger action figures, a vintage Spiderman lunch box, and a bunch of rare original comic books - some even signed by stars of your favorite Marvel and DC movies. It’s a raffle (and a super cool wall) you don’t want to miss.


And the best part? Everyone wins. That’s right - all the cyber heroes who visit our booth will win some cool hero stuff. But wait, there's more! You’ll have the opportunity to Shift Up your chances of winning the even cooler hero stuff by posting to social, watching our demo, or booking a meeting with us. Easy peasy.


Uptycs is here to Shift Up your swag (and cybersecurity). We’ll see you at RSA!


Sign up for Sip 'N Security + meet and greet with Superman, Dean Cain

We're hosting a high-end whiskey tasting where the who's who in cybersecurity will gather to taste some exquisite whiskeys from all over the world. 

Plus, Superman, Dean Cain will be at the Uptycs’ booth on Tuesday, April 25, and Wednesday, April 26 from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM. 

Get your Flash Pass to the front of the line for photos, autographs, and the best DC and Marvel collectibles, by booking a meeting with the Uptycs’ super tech squad. 

Date / Time for Sip 'N Security: Tuesday, 4/25, 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Date / Time for Meet Up with Superman: Tuesday, 4/25, 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM & Wednesday, 4/26, 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM



Unite your team and shift disparate tools up, up and away with the Unifier

It's time to unify your Dev, Sec, and Ops teams. It's time to #ShiftUp!

Introducing the Uptycs Unifier. She's a cybersecurity superhero... and so are you. Watch the video for how it all comes together.

Be sure to stop into the Uptycs' booth #0335 in the South Expo and meet the Unifier in person!



Attend a session with our own Josh Lemon

Uptycs’ Josh Lemon, Director of the Uptycs Global MDR Team, and Megan Roddie, Senior Security Engineer at IBM will be hosting an RSA session on DFIR Evidence Collection and Preservation for the Cloud.


Josh Lemon - Director of the Uptycs Global MDR Team

Josh Lemon, Director
of the Uptycs Global
MDR Team

Megan Roddie, Senior Security Engineer at IBM

Megan Roddie,
Senior Security

Engineer at IBM


In summary: One of the biggest challenges with cloud environments today is that evidence retention works on a continuous sliding time window. This means evidence is slowly aging out of existence, or evidence may never have been generated. Learn what should be configured in Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft 365, or Google Workspace platforms.


Date / Time: Thursday, 04/27/23, 1:00 PM - 1:50 PM PT


Meet us at the CSA Mission Critical Summit and attend our session: Attacker Mindset in the Cloud


      Monday, April 24
      8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    Moscone Center South, Level 3 (Room 302)

Uptycs’ Taylor Bianchi, Sr Offensive Security Researcher will present his session on understanding the attacker’s mindset in the cloud from 2:35 PM - 2:55 PM.

Note: To attend the CSA Summit at RSAC, you must register for an RSAC pass. Receive a complimentary Expo Pass ($50 value) enter and apply the code "52ECLOUDSXP" at the top of the conference pass selection page on RSA’s registration site. This pass will give you access to attend the CSA Summit.

Looking for a full-access pass? Save $150 on the All-Access pass with code "52FCDCLOUDS".

Request an invite to Cyber Trailblazers Social Club at RSA 2023

Cyber Trailblazers Social Club

      Monday, April 24
      6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Let the good times roll!  Location: Hawthorne Nightclub SF


Ask your favorite Uptycon about the VIP Sip ‘N Security speakeasy co-located at this event.

Attend the RSA Bollywood Party presented by the Indo-American Community of Security Professionals

Indo-American Community of Security Professionals

Dates: Monday, April 24
Time: 3:00 PM - 9:00 PM Let's party!

Location: The San Francisco Mint

Still not sure where to get started? Book an in-person meeting with us at RSAC 2023

Learn how Uptycs unified CNAPP and XDR secures cloud, containers, and endpoints with one unified platform.

You can use the same form to arrange a meeting with us at our booth, our private meeting room, or request an invite to a VIP event.

See you at RSA!