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Essential Knowledge On Endpoint Security For Linux

Linux endpoint security is a more prevalent topic now than it was a decade ago. With the rapid growth of the SaaS industry, many significant applications in cloud environments now rely on Linux.

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Topics: linux security, endpoint security

Endpoint Security For Mac: What You Need To Know In 2020

For a long time, Mac security threats weren’t a top of mind concern for security teams and vendors, who primarily focused on securing Windows where they had a much larger footprint. Now, many employees are using Macs to access production infrastructure, presenting new avenues for attackers to exploit.

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Topics: endpoint security

How To Maximize Your SIEM Benefits

Having the ability to aggregate and analyze data across multiple systems is a necessity for companies of all sizes, primarily for security and compliance reasons. For most businesses, SIEM (security information and event management) tools fulfill this function. But SIEM solutions as they are traditionally used can be costly, a problem that eventually leads most security professionals to make important decisions based on dollars and cents rather than actual security needs.

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Topics: siem, threat management

Conducting A Vulnerability Assessment: A Step-By-Step Guide For Linux Workloads In The Cloud

Being proactive about protecting your systems, networks, applications and critical data is a cornerstone of a robust, successful security program. Having a vulnerability assessment plan is a way of doing just that—proactively identifying weaknesses within your systems, so you can shore them up before attackers find and take advantage of them.

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Topics: linux security, vulnerability assessment

Uptycs File Integrity Monitoring Solutions: Security Control, Simplified

Knowing how files are being accessed within a network, and by whom, is an important part of a security team’s global security program. But finding the right file integrity monitoring software can be a challenge, particularly when you’re managing a hybrid of cloud and on-premises infrastructure across macOS, Linux, and Windows.

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Topics: file integrity monitoring solutions

[Video] Incident Investigation with Uptycs and Osquery


This video features Pat Haley, our Principal Sales Engineer, walking through the strengths and challenges of osquery, how osquery can be used for incident investigations, and how Uptycs can add value to an osquery deployment of any size.

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Topics: osquery, video, CI/CD, cloud security, incident investigation

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