6 Must-Hear Podcasts on Cloud Security You Should Follow

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Brian Thomas

In the last 10 years podcasts have gone from an obscure internet oddity (originally using the RSS format to spread audio information) to creating a new golden age of radio. From true crime to horror fiction to covering any professional topic imaginable, there’s a podcast out there for everyone.


And that includes cybersecurity pro’s. No matter what aspect of security you’re involved with or interested in, there’s a podcast that can help you learn more, grow your skills, give you a new perspective, or make you laugh.

Here’s Our List of the Top Cloud Security Podcasts You Should Be Listening to:

1. Darknet Diaries

Advertising itself as “true stories from the dark side of the internet”, Darknet Diaries does not disappoint. With a focus on everything from hacktivism to cybercrime and shadow government, this podcast covers all the stuff that stays in the shadows of the network. A mix of entertaining, informative and sometimes creepy or terrifying if you think about it too much, Darknet Diaries is a must listen for any security pro.

2. The Cloud Security Podcast

Following a weekly interview format, The Cloud Security Podcast is a great resource for cybersecurity pro’s. With something for everyone, this is a great place to hear other perspectives, insights into best practices, and learn how others are overcoming challenges and creating innovative solutions. Covering cloud, Kubernetes, and more, this should definitely be on your radar no matter how experienced you are.

3. Security Now! with Steve Gibson

Steve Gibson has quite a history in security, having coined the term spyware, and is also the creator of Spinrite and Shields UP. This weekly podcast is a series of conversations with Steve and Leo Laporte to discuss hot topics in cybersecurity, with some great insight into trends, threats, and the industry as a whole.

4. Down The Security Rabbit Hole

Pioneering the idea of a “work safe” podcast, Down The Security Rabbit Hole makes a point of steering clear of vents, rants, and NSFW content. The focus is solely on education and helping you do your job better. The highly informative content includes discussions of new threats, new techniques and conversations with industry luminaries. 

5. Risky.biz

Hosted by award-winning journalist Patrick Gray, Risky.biz takes a deep dive into major issues that you need to know about. Featuring in-depth commentary from industry experts, security leaders, and reporters, this podcast is a great way to glean new perspectives and insights.

6. Hacking Humans

This Cyberwire podcast takes a deep dive into the social engineering and phishing schemes behind some of the most infamous headlines-grabbing cybersecurity events that are disrupting security and taking a toll on organizations of all sizes. The podcast is a great insight into the sometimes forgotten side of cybersecurity, and offers amazing insights into some of the latest techniques and trends to be aware of.

Did we miss any of your favorite podcasts? Join the social media conversation and let us know!


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