March is Women’s History Month so we’re taking this opportunity to chat about the challenges that women face in the cybersecurity industry, and celebrate the journeys some of us have taken to get here.



Any time an industry is dominated by a particular group, it can make entrance and success into the field more difficult for others. With Black History month just in the rear view mirror, it’s crucial to address these issues from an intersectional perspective. When it comes to cybersecurity–an industry desperate for experts and for talent–it’s even more important to empower those facing challenges. 


The stats are not great. According to the Women in Cybersecurity 2022 Report, by Cybersecurity Ventures, women held 25% of cybersecurity jobs globally in 2022; up from 20% in 2019, and around 10% in 2013. This is trending in the right direction, but where is it going from here? Cybersecurity Ventures predicts these figures to reach 30% by 2025; and 35% by 2031. Can we do better?


There is a huge demand for cybersecurity professionals, and a lot of smart women in the world. Diverse perspectives and backgrounds help the industry as a whole. We, as individuals and as organizations, need to empower women to get started in cybersecurity. 


Let’s ask the big questions, and try to find some answers:

  • How do we break down the barriers to entry? 
  • What are unique challenges women face getting into, or thriving in, cybersecurity–and how can we alleviate them? 
  • Are women overlooking cybersecurity as a rewarding and exciting career choice?
  • Is remote work changing the landscape for women? 
  • How can women working in the field help others looking to enter? 


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