Firing on All Cylinders: Growth, Customers, Team & $50M Series C Fuel Uptycs' Success

Ganesh Pai

It has been a year since our last round of funding and I’m pleased to be back to share that we've experienced quite the journey in the last 12-months: growth in team, customers, revenues, and a $50M Series C. We're firing on all cylinders.

At the forefront of the growth is our amazing team, strong customer engagement and validation of the platform. Our product-led approach, engineering-driven innovation and maniacal focus on customer experience have been key to our success.

The latest round of funding was led by David Zilberman from Norwest Venture Partners with participation from Jai Das at Sapphire Ventures and ServiceNow. I’m thrilled that Dave led this round of investment in Uptycs as a new general partner at Norwest Venture Partners. It is exciting and gratifying when a highly reputed outside investment firm joins you for the journey!


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A New Approach to Cloud Security Solutions

Over the last year, COVID-19 and supply chain attacks have shaped the thinking of security practitioners and defenders. Productivity endpoints have gone remote and production services are delivered from the cloud, thus permanently reshaping the attack surfaces. Cloud-Native approaches to delivering and consuming services are here to stay and security has to evolve to cope with these shifts.

Threat actors traditionally focused on the endpoint. Now they are probing attack surfaces across the entire supply chain, all the way into the software build process. Fortunately, at Uptycs we are able to provide a unique cloud-native security analytics-based approach to provide proactive, reactive, predictive and protective security across these key attack surfaces. The ability to provide visibility across these attack surfaces using a telemetry-powered approach have endeared our platform to our customers.


What Sets Uptycs Apart

What sets Uptycs apart is our ability to scale, execute and build a telemetry-powered security analytics platform for the long haul. Most notable is our vision to build a singular platform to ingest structured telemetry from multiple attack surfaces and then apply cloud-native security analytics to help our customers keep their attack surface secure.

In an ever changing threat landscape and attack surface composition, our customers want to invest in a platform that delivers on measurable security outcomes by focusing on current and future asset categories and their associated attack surfaces. With this broad set of collected telemetry, the Uptycs Security Analytics Platform provides a broad set of security capabilities, including audit & compliance and detection & response.

Traditional point and bolt-on solutions cannot tackle the required scope of visibility that spans Endpoints, Containers, Identity, SaaS and Cloud providers. We at Uptycs are thriving in this environment, where the fidelity and depth of our collected telemetry across these various attack surfaces makes our platform compelling for Cloud Workload Protection, Cloud Security Posture Management and eXtended Detection & Response.

At Uptycs we’ve been able to realize our vision of how security can make organizations safer and more secure, even as those organizations onboard new technologies that are disrupting the old way of doing things.

Yes, that is a lot. We’ve delivered on that promise and now it is time to scale and continue to innovate.


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