Complimentary Copy: Research Report Assessing Osquery's Impact on Endpoint Security

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Harry Hayward

451 Research, a global research advisory firm, recently published their first market insight report covering osquery. The report, “Uptycs emerges from stealth betting on SQL-based osquery for upending endpoint security” acknowledges the growing impact the universal open source agent is having in the security market. 


Additionally, the report provides analysis of Uptycs in the areas of:

  • Strategy
  • Technology
  • Products
  • Competition

osquery- What’s Driving Its Popularity?


Today’s Security and IT professionals are no strangers to coding. This, in turn, feeds a comfort level in using and contributing to open-source technologies, and the osquery project seems to be benefitting from these trends. In addition, osquery is a “polite” tool that is less invasive on the endpoint than many other security technologies, offering less friction in deployment. Osquery is cross-platform and cross-virtualization level (it runs on “real” computers, virtual machines and containers) so it can be deployed across a large majority of computing environments.


Finally, teams are applying osquery to a variety of use cases such as incident response, file integrity monitoring, endpoint detection, audit and compliance, and more. Organizations like Netflix, Airbnb, Palantir and more are documenting and sharing their exploration of osquery deployments, offering insight and encouragement for others. This combination of a growing comfort level with open source technology, open collaboration across users, and the breadth of computing environments that osquery can address have laid the foundation for fast adoption.


Fernando Montenegro, senior information security analyst at 451 Research shares, “The increased popularity of osquery as an open source agent may indicate what the future of endpoint security could look like: organizations collaborating on technology that address a wider variety of their security needs. Uptycs is betting on osquery for upending endpoint security - their combination of open source agent with cloud-based analytics opens up a number of possibilities.”


451 on Uptycs

Uptycs has one of the most concentrated groups of contributors that support the open source project, is one of the first osquery-specific commercial offerings, and recently exited stealth with a healthy round of Series A Funding. This is in part what drew the attention of the report author, Fernando Montenegro, a Senior Information Security Analyst at 451 Research.


Without disclosing the proprietary nature of the platform, this report showcases the architecture of Uptycs and some key differentiators that include historical threat investigation (especially valuable for transient assets which can make up large components of cloud workloads), scalability, and integration with third-party threat feeds.


As it goes with open-source technology, one of the largest competitors to a commercial product is building in-house- which Montenegro attests to in the report. However, the promising future of osquery also ushers in a collection of other vendors.


Download a complimentary copy of the 451 Research report for more insight on competition, market functionality gaps, and more.


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