Osquery vs. OSSEC: Which Is Best for Linux Security in 2020?

For security analysts working on Linux, the lack of flexible, transparent and comprehensive tools is an ongoing problem. As is often the case, security professionals are turning to open-source solutions that can be more easily customized to solve specific problems.

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Conducting A Vulnerability Assessment: A Step-By-Step Guide For Linux Workloads In The Cloud

Being proactive about protecting your systems, networks, applications and critical data is a cornerstone of a robust, successful security program. Having a vulnerability assessment plan is a way of doing just that—proactively identifying weaknesses within your systems, so you can shore them up before attackers find and take advantage of them.

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Linux Security Simplified: How To Make Linux More Secure (With Less Work)

Linux is a versatile operating system. Its use cases vary greatly, from hosting hundreds of containers across a complex network, to running a single desktop, to the operating systems of TVs, Android phones and most Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

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