In a recent episode of the Cybersecurity Standup podcast, we had the chance to delve into the insightful world of Kevin Paige, our newly appointed Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Vice President of Product Strategy. The conversation traversed through an array of cybersecurity terrains, shedding light on Kevin's unique approach to security, his transition from a satisfied Uptycs customer to a key player on our team, and the evolving landscape of cloud security.

Kevin, with his extensive background in both public and private sector cybersecurity roles, shares his CISO philosophy, which is not just about ticking off compliance boxes, but rather about fostering a collaborative environment where security measures enhance, not hinder, operational excellence across teams.


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Kevin Paige's pragmatic security approach

For Kevin, the essence of a CISO’s role lies in the delicate act of bridging the gap between security, compliance, and operational efficiency, orchestrating a harmonious environment where all three elements not only co-exist but complement each other to drive organizational excellence.

In his own words, the essence of his approach is about "helping teams and making everything better, not just trying to be compliant or secure in only the way we read in a book.” This mindset echoes a broader philosophy where security isn’t an isolated domain but a collaborative endeavor, intertwined with the daily operations and long-term strategic goals of an organization.

Kevin emphasizes the importance of understanding the intricate fabric of organizational operations, engaging with different teams, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement and learning. By doing so, security measures can be designed to not only uphold the highest standards of protection but also to enhance operational workflows, thereby creating a win-win scenario for all stakeholders involved.


Our goal is not to be compliant. Our goal is to be secure.

Also, our goal is to help the teams get their job done too, not to prevent them from doing their job.
– Kevin Paige, CISO and VP of Product Strategy, Uptycs


Beyond checking the box

During the Uptycs CSU podcast, Kevin delved into some past challenges and shared how his unique philosophy and pragmatic approach enabled him to navigate through them efficiently.

One of those challenges was the tension between maintaining robust security measures and ensuring operational efficiency. The traditional approach often sees these two aspects in opposition; however, Kevin's method seeks to harmonize them. By fostering a collaborative environment and engaging with different teams within an organization, he has managed to devise security solutions that not only uphold stringent security standards but also facilitate smoother operational workflows.

For instance, the conventional security checklist often serves as a roadblock to quick and efficient operations. Kevin's approach transcends this by focusing on the bigger picture—achieving overarching security that naturally meets compliance requirements, instead of merely ticking off boxes on a checklist. This mindset shifts the focus from a narrow compliance-centric approach to a broader security-centric stance, which, in turn, catalyzes operational excellence.


Collaboration rather than isolation

Kevin stresses the importance of collaborating with different teams within an organization to achieve a common security objective. By engaging with infrastructure and engineering teams, and understanding their workflows, it's possible to devise security measures that enhance operational efficiency rather than hinder it. This collaborative stance fosters a culture of continuous learning and improvement, where security becomes a collective responsibility.


Enhancing operational efficiency

One of the examples Kevin shared during the podcast illustrates how a unified approach can benefit multiple facets of an organization. He offered the example of using an artifact repository. This not only makes builds faster for the engineering team but also allows for better security and version control, ultimately exceeding the requirements of a compliance checklist. This scenario exemplifies how thoughtful security measures can concurrently improve operational efficiency and compliance posture.



Aligning with Uptycs’ unified approach

Kevin’s philosophy mirrors Uptycs’ vision of a unified approach to cybersecurity. By transcending the conventional boundaries between security, compliance, and operational efficiency, Kevin, alongside the Uptycs team, is driving an approach that ensures that security measures contribute to organizational productivity rather than detract from it.

His journey from being a three-time Uptycs customer to now leading the charge in security and product strategy at Uptycs showcases a pragmatic, unified approach to cybersecurity that is more pertinent now than ever in the evolving threat landscape.

Through the lens of Kevin Paige, we see a pragmatic pathway towards not only bolstering security posture but also fostering a culture of collaboration and efficiency. This nuanced approach is what sets Uptycs apart in the realm of cybersecurity, and underscores the importance of viewing security as a collective, organization-wide endeavor rather than a siloed compliance checklist.


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