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    Forrester Planning Guide 2023:
    Security & Risk

    Get spending benchmarks, and recommendations to guide your security investments in 2023.

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    2023 is nearly upon us so now is the time to get a leg up on your strategy and plan.

    Download your copy of the Forrester Planning Guide 2023: Security & Risk today.

    In this report you’ll get actionable advice from the experts at Forrester on:

    • How to manage spending while maintaining trust
    • Where to increase or defend investment in in critical apps and cloud security
    • When to reduce investment in standalone controls and legacy, on-premises tech
    • Why you should experiment with better threat insight, detection, and response
    • …and more

    Download your copy of the report today and get started. 

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    After years of increases, security budgets are coming under scrutiny, and S&R pros need practical guidance on how to manage existing budget allocations and new requests for funding.

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