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    Uptycs Live: Monthly Webinar Series

    Uptycs Live is a monthly webinar for IT and Security professionals exploring emerging security topics and Uptycs solutions. Here we host a monthly webinar on rotating security topics with a variety of subject matter experts, giving you a deeper understanding of the challenges security practitioners face every day.

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    Lock Down Access to your Cloud Infrastructure

    Live Date: Tuesday, May 24th 2022 | 10 AM PST / 1PM EST

    Join us this month as we break down the real risks of cloud identity policy with Andre Rall, former Head of ATO, AWS Fraud Prevention now Director of Cloud Security here at Uptycs, and Sudarsan Kannan, Director of Product Management at Uptycs. Andre brings his expertise and background from AWS here to Uptycs, and will be joining as we discuss why being compliant doesn’t mean you’re secure and why identity is core to securing your cloud infrastructure. 

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