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Single database, multiple use-cases

Uptycs Security Analytics Platform Overview

The Uptycs Security Analytics Platform makes it easy for organizations to get visibility into their productivity endpoints (macOS, Windows) and their production endpoints (Linux, Containers) running on-premises and in the cloud. Security teams use the single unified platform to aggregate and analyze endpoint, cloud provider, and container orchestration telemetry for the fastest time to insight across intrusion detection, audit & compliance, and incident investigation use cases. Deployment is straightforward and fast, and Uptycs begins streaming system state data over secure TLS protocol within minutes. The data is then aggregated and stored in your unique instance where it's continuously monitored for malicious and suspicious activity, as well as for system misconfigurations as defined by CIS, SOC 2, PCI DSS or other mandated compliance requirements. Over 500 signals have been mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework, and integrated 3rd party threat intelligence feeds help analysts detect and respond to important events. This unique combination of proactive and reactive detection helps keep your environment compliant while reducing future risk, and helps analysts significantly reduce dwell time.

Read more about the three major components of the Uptycs Security Analytics Platform - collection, aggregation and analysis - in the whitepaper "Trifecta of Security @Scale".

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Advanced product insights & features

platforms supported

Platforms Supported Uptycs supports all major Linux distros, macOS, Windows, CoreOS, and FreeBSD

Built from the ground up for Docker containers

Built from the ground up for Docker containers With Uptycs contributed extensions to osquery, it is now possible to collect metrics from containers.

Universal Open Source Agent

Universal Open Source Agent Uptycs uses Facebook's powerful, universal, open-source endpoint agent, osquery, that makes all infrastructure metrics accessible as a SQL database

technology and solutions

Flexible Deployment Models Primarily delivered 100% SaaS, but with flexibility for on-premise/VPC if required.


Deploy in minutes Our pre-configured osquery agent deploys at scale in minutes using your existing configuration management system.


Massively Scalable Deploy to any number of osquery endpoints – our backend scales as you grow with us.

role based access

Role-Based Access Control Manage large-scale deployments by delegating administrative responsibilities to multiple groups of administrators

historical events

Historical events with "Flight Recorder" Big Data Store Retrieve complete states of endpoints at any point in time to reconstruct historical events.


Dashbooks Leverage SQL powered Dashbooks to implement repeatable incident response and compliance workflows across your organization.


Audit and Compliance Reports Dramatically reduce the cost of assessing and auditing your infrastructure with built-in compliance reports, powered by SQL!


Integrated Threat Intelligence Over 100 threat intelligence feeds and 170,000+ IOCs are continuously integrated and used to protect your endpoints.


Community Collaboration Joining our community of customers allows you to collaborate with best-practice Security and DevOps methodologies.

api first

API First All Uptycs functionality is accessible through a secure, RESTful API. Integrate easily with security orchestration engines to send distributed queries to osquery!

custom reports

Choice of Storage Choose to store osquery metrics in the Uptycs Big Data Store or your own Elastic/Splunk/Sumologic/SIEM store - or both!


Manage critical alerts Manage critical alerts - intrusion detection, anomalous activity - directly in Uptycs, and have them delivered via email, slack, or SMS

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On-Prem Option For higher volume implementations, we can design an on-prem Uptycs environment.

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Supporting Trusted Infrastructure Services

Supporting Trusted Infrastructure Services