You must understand your attack surface before you can protect it

There’s a good reason that inventory and control of hardware and software assets are the top security controls recommended by the Center for Internet Security. Before you can protect something, you need to know you have it in the first place, and how it’s at risk. Uptycs equips IT and Security teams with the ability to not only inventory assets, but also understand their security posture. At-a-glance, you can quickly answer questions such as “Which users have shell access?” “What startup items are unique to this machine?” “Which machines are running this vulnerable software?”

Solution - Insight _ Inventory - Section 1 - fleetwide insight

Instant fleet-wide insight

Uptycs provides you with the ability to look across your laptop or server fleets and answer questions related to IT operations and security hygiene. You can run both real-time and historical queries to understand the state of your machines currently and in the past. For example, you can discover which servers are resource-constrained, are running specific versions of software, or are not configured to log weak certificates. Or you can see what PCI and USB devices have been attached to machines, or which devices in your fleet do not have disk encryption enabled. The answers to these and many other questions are at your fingertips, all from a single interface.

Solution - Insight _ Inventory - Section 2 - rare behaviors

Discover rare and suspect behaviors

Information is great, but insights are better. By baselining normal activity for individual devices and their cohorts, Uptycs delivers unique insights into rare and suspicious system and user behavior—across your fleet and on individual machines. In addition to basic asset details, Uptycs tells you which startup items, binary paths, processes, applications, remote users, and other items are rare on that asset. Uptycs will also compare behavior on an asset with that of its cohort: users with shell access, security check failures, and compliance failures over time.

Solution - Insight _ Inventory - Section 3 - real-time actions

Support live audits and threat hunting

Whether you are fielding questions from an internal or external auditor or pursuing a threat hunting hypothesis, you need the ability to answer arbitrary questions with speed and precision. If the question involves a specific asset or group of assets, you can easily answer these questions with the real-time actions function in Uptycs. This capability enables you to browse the file system, processes, applications, Linux packages, users, certificates, and more. An example: your auditor asks if you have any databases running on the servers that act as your web front-end, you can easily show them that you do not—your application data is on the back-end network segment.