Uptycs For File Integrity Management (FIM)

Roll out FIM to your entire infrastructure using the power of Facebook osquery and the Uptycs elastic scale cloud … in minutes Start your FREE trial now

Preconfigured FIM

Deploy in minutes

Our preconfigured FIM and turnkey SaaS platform allows you to deploy FIM at scale across your critical infrastructure in minutes. Our FIM solution delivers information equivalent to traditional FIM solutions like OSSEC and AIDE and are available out of the box.

Comprehensive Platform Support

Containers, Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows

With the Facebook-developed open source osquery agent as the foundational element for FIM, Uptycs provides FIM support for the most comprehensive set of platforms - Linux, Mac OSX, Windows, CoreOS, FreeBSD.


SaaS solution


Endpoints per Instance


Built in queries


Threat Intel Sources



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