Reconcile File Changes across macOS, Linux, and Windows

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Uptycs FIM offers a highly scalable way to detect and reconcile changes to files across macOS, Linux, and Windows. 

FIM is offered as a precisely configurable module of the Uptycs Osquery-Powered Security Analytics Platform. Uptycs enables security teams to deploy FIM alongside additional components of their global security program, reducing point solution requirements and management overhead. Combined with our dead-simple audit and compliance reporting, you’re not only regulatory compliant, you can easily prove it, too. Uptycs FIM offers full visibility across operating systems, with continuous, event-based monitoring, flexible and precise configuration options, highly performant file change analysis, and context-rich alerting. Watch the short video to see  Uptycs FIM at work in a simulated scenario involving malicious activity targeting a web server used for credit card payment processing.


Simplified Reconciliation

Uptycs collects and stores a rich set of endpoint telemetry -- including process ID, process name, and the user account that modified a given file -- providing the context data required to easily resolve and reconcile normal business activity from malicious file modifications.


Precision & Performance

Our flexible configuration options enable controls over which files you want to monitor on which systems. Easily tag assets and deploy FIM only to the desired subset of your operating environment. Performance is further optimized by the unique way that Uptycs monitors file changes at the operating system level, reducing computing overhead by avoiding the need to analyze every single file directory.


Alerting & Integration

Uptycs offers real-time alerting for modifications made to your monitored files. Alerts provide helpful context by including machine name, Host IP, file path modified, action taken, and more. Alerts can be forwarded to Slack, Pagerduty, email, etc to fit into your existing response workflows. Uptycs also integrates with your SOAR and SIEM solutions.


About osquery

osquery is a universal endpoint agent that allows you to easily ask questions about your Linux, Windows and macOS infrastructure using industry standard SQL syntax. Whether your goal is fleet visibility, intrusion detection, vulnerability monitoring or compliance management, osquery gives you the ability to empower and inform a broad set of organizations within your company.