Uptycs takes the toil out of compliance


Whether it’s CIS Benchmarks, SOC 2, PCI DSS, or FedRAMP, your business needs to meet your compliance requirements to stay in business.

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Compliance is essential, but it also comes at a cost. The burden of monitoring, evidence gathering, and remediation is disruptive to security and operations teams. That’s why organizations turn to Uptycs. Our rich telemetry, automation tools, and push-button reporting reduce the strains of compliance and help your teams stay engaged by minimizing grunt work. Best of all, you can achieve your audit and compliance goals, along with threat detection, incident investigation, vulnerability management, and other critical IT and security functions within the Uptycs Security Analytics Platform.

CIS benchmarks

CIS Benchmarks give your organization tested techniques for shoring up cybersecurity defenses through the application of comprehensive and established standards. With Uptycs, implementing CIS Benchmarks is quick and repeatability is easy.

CIS Logo Key CIS functionality in Uptycs includes:

  • Integrated CIS Benchmarks within the Uptycs platform give you immediate access to essential information across your environment
  • Run CIS Benchmarks against major Linux distributions, AWS, Windows Server 2016, macOS, Kubernetes, and more
  • CIS benchmark details and prescriptive guidance show you what happened and how to resolve issues


SOC 2 compliance assures customers that your systems and services can be trusted to protect their data. Without customer trust, you’ve got nothing, so your business depends on hitting your marks when a SOC 2 audit is conducted.


Here's how Uptycs can meet your SOC 2 needs:

  • Automated data acquisition reduces the toil of gathering and processing compliance data
  • Our universal endpoint agent streams data to a centralized platform, giving you the data you need exactly when you need it
  • Built-in SOC 2 reporting creates a smooth and straightforward audit process within Uptycs


If you want to store, process, or transmit payment card data (that’s pretty much everyone these days) you’ll need to meet PCI DSS standards.


Uptycs can help with your PCI DSS requirements in a number of ways:

  • Integrated file integrity monitoring (FIM) watches for unusual or unauthorized activity in your files, and monitoring works across networks and platforms
  • Use Uptycs’ historical data to re-create an asset at a given point in time and reveal exactly what happened to critical files
  • Out-of-the-box Linux vulnerability detection helps organizations meet PCI DSS vulnerability standards


FedRAMP compliance standards must be met if your organization interacts with U.S. federal agencies. All of your machines need the right FedRAMP configuration and compliance settings, and that’s no easy task if you’re gathering that information by hand. You can read more about our FedRAMP capabilities by exploring our customer case studies

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Uptycs offers the following FedRAMP benefits:

  • Integrated at-a-glance FedRAMP reporting within the Uptycs interface
  • Strong audit capabilities via evidence-based collection of remote access, log-ins, unsuccessful logins, geographic location, and more
  • Extensive capture of baseline system information and file integrity monitoring, so you can see how your systems and files change over time