Modern infrastructure is built with public and private clouds, Linux, Docker containers and macOS endpoints.

The Uptycs approach to security and systems management, together with the osquery agent developed by Facebook, is built for this modern approach to infrastructure.  We provide solutions for endpoint detection and response (EDR), audit and compliance, incident investigation and file integrity management (FIM).

Our 100% SaaS platform is built on the same modern infrastructure we protect for our customers.

Uptycs for Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
Purpose-built for Mac OSX, Linux, and containerized platforms, osquery derived metrics and system information are monitored and continuously correlated against known threat sources to rapidly identify actual intrusions. Integrated workflows and real-time alerts empower you to investigate, contain, and respond to dramatically reduce the dwell time of intrusions.

Uptycs for File Integrity Management (FIM)
File-based metrics are used to track state and changes of critical system files.  This data is used for auditing as well as incident investigation and threat identification both in real time and historically with the Uptycs "Flight Recorder" technology.

Uptycs for Incident Investigation
With "Flight Recorder" technology, the state of the environment can be recreated for any period of time. Combining a historical record with sophisticated query capabilities using industry standard SQL against both historical and real-time sources, automation using our innovative Dashbook technology, and robust reporting, we provide investigators with the tools to dramatically reduce intrusion survival time.

Uptycs for Audit & Compliance
The Uptycs extensions for Docker containers, as well as support for Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows platforms, allow you to build the most comprehensive repository of system configuration information, transforming evidence gathering activities across your entire infrastructure to standard SQL queries. Along with our pre-configured audit and compliance reports, our SaaS platform enables and dramatically reduces the cost of evidence gathering and compliance reporting.

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Supporting Trusted Infrastructure Services