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Many security teams are still working on ways to achieve the holistic visibility in the cloud that they enjoyed with on-premises environments. While they have events and metrics from cloud service providers, it can be a challenge to correlate data across hosts, containers, and services in the cloud.

Uptycs combines data from cloud service providers with data from cloud-based hosts and containers. This gives you an end-to-end view of your cloud workloads—and the environment they operate in—and helps you easily answer difficult questions. At a glance, you can spot misconfigurations and vulnerabilities, meet compliance reporting requirements in the cloud, and detect and investigate threats.


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Holistic AWS Cloud Workload Protection

Understand both the environment and workload 

Uptycs offers complete visibility for your cloud workloads, combining rich host-based data (what’s happening inside the workload) with AWS service data (what’s happening in the environment where the workloads are running). For cloud-native workloads, Uptycs provides the ability to monitor and investigate what’s going on inside EC2 host instances and containers in AWS. To assess the posture of your cloud environment, Uptycs analyzes data from a majority of key AWS services including CloudTrail, EC2, IAM, Route 53, S3, VPC, and others.

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Dead Simple Audit and Compliance

Improve your cloud security posture

The Shared Responsibility Model puts the burden of securing the infrastructure on your cloud service provider, but it falls on you to secure applications and data. Uptycs simplifies continuous security monitoring for your cloud workloads and resources so you can identify and fix vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in development and production, in addition to proving compliance.

Uptycs’ cloud workload audit and compliance features include:

  • AWS security checks: Perform regular checks for your environment against various security controls with easy-to-understand visualizations of compliance posture, along with the ability to drill down into non-compliant resources, associated evidence, and remediation guidance. Instantly see the latest failed configuration checks, most non-compliant resources, time to resolve non-compliance, and more.
  • AWS services visibility: See dashboards for dozens of AWS Services, providing instant insights into key service metrics for CloudTrail, EBS, EC2, IAM, S3, and others.
  • Compliance reports: Reduce the cost of auditing your infrastructure and gathering evidence with compliance reports for SOC 2, FedRAMP, and PCI DSS in AWS.

Threat Detection and Investigation

Speed up time to detection and response

Attackers don’t differentiate between targets hosted on-premises and in the cloud, so why should your security team be saddled with different tools to detect and investigate attackers’ activity in each location? Uptycs provides connected insights across your hybrid environment so you can seamlessly investigate threats wherever they appear. Security teams can rapidly identify threat activity targeting their AWS environments and then dig into rich host-based data to answer difficult questions that come up during the course of investigation.

Uptycs’ threat detection and investigation capabilities include

  • Real-time alerting: Rapidly identify active threats as well as operational issues such as configuration vulnerabilities and non-compliant resources.
  • Robust threat intelligence: Match AWS Flow Logs, DNS lookups, CloudTrail logs, and other service data against Uptycs’ threat intelligence database and create associated visualizations.
  • Out-of-the-box detections for AWS: Apply built-in alert rules to detect cloud-specific threats such as attempts to exploit dangling DNS records from AWS Route 53.
  • Sophisticated cloud security detections: Create your own custom event-driven alerts for detections based off of host-based data, AWS services data, or a combination of the two data sources.

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