RBAC Security for Kubernetes:
How to Keep Your Clusters Safe

Date Recorded: Tuesday, April 18th
Duration: 30 min

How do security teams determine that the right users have access to the right resources and permissions? Join experts Sudarsan Kannan, Director of Product Management at Uptycs, and Siban Mishra, Senior Product Manager at Uptycs,  to learn how role based access control (RBAC) is effectively implemented in container and Kubernetes deployments.   

Together, we will evaluate RBAC policies, breaking down the different tactics security teams use to monitor production users, catching potentially dangerous roles, and building confidence around simplifying the management of your RBAC. 

Visibility into real-time RBAC is a challenge for most teams, with the sprawl of users, services and devices creating an ever-expanding mesh of roles. Provisioning users and services can be overly-reliant on manual processes, leading to gaps in runtime around who has access to what. Learn how to shift up and enable your team with the clear visibility needed to address RBAC policies.

What you will learn: 

  • Understand RBAC best practices, common pitfalls to avoid, and how to review RBAC policies regularly to keep your clusters safe
  • Monitor RBAC for k8s effectively to prevent unauthorized access to clusters and reduce security risk around exec privileges and visibility into stored secrets
  • Break through the noise to locate high priority power users, risky roles, and service accounts with privileged access


Uptycs live presenters

Jeremy Colvin
Jeremy Colvin
Technical Product Marketing Manager
Sudarsan Kannan
Director of Product Management
siban headshot
Siban Mishra
Sr. Product Manager

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