Lock Down Access to your Cloud Infrastructure

Date Recorded: Tuesday, May 24th, 2022
Duration: 33 min

In this webinar we broke down the real risks of cloud identity policy with Andre Rall, former Head of ATO, AWS Fraud Prevention now Director of Cloud Security here at Uptycs, and Sudarsan Kannan, Director of Product Management at Uptycs. Learn how unifying your cloud identity and cloud-native solutions helps your security team spot identity misconfigurations, discover permissions gaps, and minimize potential privilege exploitation.

What you will learn: 

  • Andre and Sudarsan’s insights in approaching cloud IAM, and why security teams still have persistent gaps
  • Why concepts such as least privilege and risky policies are important in cloud to reduce any credential exposure or privilege escalation
  • How to get real-time answers to Identity questions and reduce your “mean-time-to-know.”


Uptycs live presenters

Jeremy Colvin
Jeremy Colvin
Technical Product Marketing Manager
Sudarsan Kannan
Director of Product Management
Andre Rall 400 x 400
Andre Rall
Director of Cloud Security

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