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    Building Trust and Privacy with SOC 2 Compliance

    Create a more compliant environment to win clients’ trust and business.

    On-Demand Webinar
    Duration: 35-minutes

    SOC 2 certification can help your company win new business, but proving compliance can be a challenge. As organizations shift to cloud-native environments, it's vital to stay compliant across your IT ecosystem.

    Join us in this demo as we demonstrate how Uptycs can bring stability and visibility to your SOC 2 compliance posture across traditional endpoints, cloud workloads, and virtual container assets.

    What you will learn: 

    • How to leverage compliance monitoring to do the heavy lifting for your team and easily implement remediation steps to non-compliant resources.
    • How to run comprehensive compliance checks to immediately understand compliance posture across a diverse macOS, Linux, or Windows fleet.
    • How to manage alerts and scheduled scans to maintain SOC 2 rules and resources over time.

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