Endpoint Security Overview Demo June 2021


Cloud-native security begins with your endpoints

Cloud-native security begins with modern productivity (laptops) and production (cloud-based servers) endpoints. Uptycs gives you unprecedented observability across your macOS, Linux, and Windows endpoints—both laptops and servers. Our offerings empower you to get insight and visibility into your entire fleet, as well as the ability to extend those capabilities to compliance, detection, and investigation. Choose the right level of functionality for your needs.

Product Bundles At-A-Glance: Endpoints & Servers
Endpoint Insight
Endpoint Visibility
Endpoint Comply
Endpoint Secure
Endpoint Total

Modules included

  • Endpoint Management
  • Endpoint Inventory
  • Endpoint Audit
  • Endpoint Core
  • Endpoint User-Driven Security
  • Endpoint Flight Recorder App & 7-Day History
  • Endpoint Compliance
  • Endpoint Investigation
  • Endpoint Threat Intel
  • Endpoint Detection
  • Endpoint Response
  • Endpoint FIM
  • Endpoint Vulnerability Detection
Product - Attack Surface - Endpoint - Insight

The Endpoint Insight Bundle

  • Simplify asset and inventory management for your entire endpoint fleet on macOS, Linux, or Windows
  • The Insight bundle works for laptops, traditional servers, and cloud-based workloads including containers
  • Build custom alert rules and reports to audit system configurations and perform real-time ad hoc queries, such as searching for specific software packages
Product - Attack Surface - Endpoint - Visibility

The Endpoint Visibility Bundle

The Visibility bundle adds Uptycs-managed data storage, plus:

  • Base of 16 hours of stored telemetry data
  • TLS-based centralized data forwarding model
  • View normal baseline and anomalous behavior for individual assets and groups
  • Enable user-driven security with an interactive Slack bot that helps your users to keep their workstations and laptops safely configured
Product - Attack Surface - Endpoint - Compliance

The Endpoint Comply Bundle

The Comply bundle improves turn-key compliance and security hygiene, plus:

  • Includes seven days of telemetry storage and audit rules and push-button reports for CIS Benchmarks covering Mac, Linux, and Windows
  • Enables the add-on of FedRAMP, PCI, and SOC 2 compliance support (at additional cost)
  • Includes Uptycs Flight Recorder feature which enables Incident Response Teams to reconstruct machine state for forensic investigation—even for ephemeral systems such as containers
Product - Attack Surface - Endpoint - Secure

The Endpoint Secure Bundle

The Secure bundle includes industry-leading MITRE ATT&CK coverage, with 600+ behavioral rules run in real-time in the Uptycs cloud platform, plus:

  • Uptycs curated threat intelligence database, file-carving, IR workflow integrations make the Secure bundle a robust endpoint detection solution
  • File integrity monitoring (FIM) makes it easy to fulfill client security assurance requirements
Product - Attack Surface - Endpoint - Total

The Endpoint Total Bundle

The Endpoint Total bundle adds vulnerability monitoring for Linux servers, plus:

  • Quickly check for the latest CVEs included in security bulletins
  • Extends monitoring capability to containers that are running vulnerable software packages