Cloud Security Overview Demo June 2021

Comprehensive visibility across your cloud accounts

The single most important way to improve cloud security posture is to ensure resources are configured correctly. It’s a task that can be incredibly difficult without visibility across cloud accounts. The Uptycs cloud security offering provides IT and security teams instant insights for their entire cloud estate. At a glance, teams can inventory cloud assets and resources, identify non-compliant resources, and access evidence needed for remediation. Better yet, Uptycs analyzes cloud activity logs and flow logs so that you can enforce least-privilege policies, detect threats, and investigate incidents. 

Product Bundles At-A-Glance: Cloud
Cloud Insight
Cloud Visibility
Cloud Comply
Cloud Secure
Cloud Total

Modules included

  • Cloud Config Ingest
  • Cloud Inventory
  • Cloud Audit


  • Cloud Account-Based Security


  • Cloud Flight Recorder App & 7-Day History
  • Cloud Compliance 
  • Cloud Investigation


  • Cloud Threat Intel
  • Cloud Detection & Response
  • Cloud Activity Ingest


  • Cloud Logs Ingest
  • Cloud Vulnerability Detection
Product - Attack Surface - Cloud - Insight

The Cloud Insight Bundle

  • Equips organizations with inventory capabilities for cloud resources and assets
  • Group and tag cloud-based assets and resources
  • Run queries and reports for information such as service configurations
  • Ensure cloud resources across accounts are adhering to best practices 
  • Alerts teams to risks such as insecure configurations, and provide details that engineers need to quickly remediate issues such as MFA for users, cloud activity logging on resources, and unauthorized API activity
Product - Attack Surface - Cloud - Visibility

The Cloud Visibility Bundle

  • Gain a composite view across accounts
  • Understand relationships and dependencies among resources across accounts and regions
Product - Attack Surface - Cloud - Compliance

The Cloud Comply Bundle

  • Make it easy to perform regular checks of the entire cloud environment against various standards
  • View summary visualizations of compliance posture and drill down into non-compliant resources, associated evidence, and remediation guidance
  • Instantly see the latest failed configuration checks, most non-compliant resources, time to resolve non-compliance, and more
  • The Comply bundle currently supports CIS Benchmarks, SOC 2, and FedRAMP out of the box and can add support for other standards
Product - Attack Surface - Cloud - Secure

The Cloud Secure Bundle

  • Matches IPs and domains observed in cloud activity against its threat intelligence platform to detect threats
  • Correlates other telemetry with activity logs (for users, services, and APIs) so you can trace user activity during incident investigation
  • Analyzes IAM policy rules to perform security assessments
  • See permissions used by entity (user and role) and when last used
  • Alert on policies with excessive permissions
Product - Attack Surface - Cloud - Total

The Cloud Total Bundle

  • Vulnerability detection and management for cloud resources and assets
  • Automated checks for malicious activity described in vendor security bulletins