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    Case Study: Flexport Empowers DevOps Teams with Security Observability

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    Are you interested in shifting left with your devops and devsecops?

    Flexport is the platform for global logistics. Companies of all sizes—from emerging brands to Fortune 500s—use Flexport technology to optimize their supply chain and deliver for customers anywhere in the world. With multiple AWS accounts and over 1,500 endpoints to secure, Flexport needed a solution to develop and deliver code securely, secure their cloud instances, and get better visibility into their Windows and macOS endpoint fleet.

    Download our case study to learn how Flexport, a global leader in logistics, leveraged Uptycs to improve their cloud security posture, deliver security observability for multiple teams, and provide risk assurance for clients.

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    The security team at Flexport owns the Uptycs deployment, but the solution is providing value to the entire organization. 

    Kevin Paige

    CISO, Flexport

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