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    Are AWS security bottlenecks slowing you down?

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    Shift up with Uptycs @ AWS re:Invent 2022
    November 28 - December 2 | Las Vegas


    Request an in-person meeting with us at re:Invent to learn how Uptycs secures your AWS environment:

    • From bare metal to container & laptop to cloud
    • Real-time threat & malware detection + remediation
    • Container forensics via file & memory carving & YARA scans
    • IAM policy hardening, threat detection & remediation

    Attackers Don’t Think In Silos and Neither Should You

    Your developer’s laptop is just a hop away from cloud infrastructure. Attackers don’t think in silos, so why would you have siloed solutions protecting public cloud, private cloud, containers, laptops, and servers?

    Uptycs reduces risk by prioritizing your responses to threats, vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, sensitive data exposure, and compliance mandates across your modern attack surface—all from a single platform, UI, and data model. This includes the ability to tie together threat activity as it traverses on-prem and cloud boundaries, thus delivering a more cohesive enterprise-wide security posture.

    Request a live, in-person meeting with Uptycs at AWS re:Invent, Nov. 28 - Dec 2!

    Request Your In-Person Meeting


    A Special VIP Gift For You

    As a thank you for spending a little of your valuable time with Uptycs, you'll go home with your own Oculus Meta Quest 2 VR Headset so you can keep the game going at home! This gift is available to VIP accounts, by invitation only. Terms and conditions apply.


    Bring Us Your AWS Security Questions

    The Uptycs Platform can help you find the answers to your most challenging AWS security questions such as:

    • Which pods failed the changed policies?
    • Which images have embedded secrets?
    • Any malicious activity on EKS today?
    • Which assets are out of CIS compliance?

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