Our Story

Founded in 2016, we believe there is a simpler, less fragmented way to help security professionals develop a comprehensive security posture by moving away from the single use-case, proprietary, and closed model ubiquitous in the industry today. Our vision incorporates a single open source agent that can collect a wide range of system data, where analytics are applied to solve multiple security challenges across a diverse range of operating systems and computing environments.

Inspired by Salesforce and SAP and what they've done for the CRM and business process industries, Uptycs has similarly set out to build a platform that translates business requirements into tables and relational databases. A structured foundation, coupled with SQL, allowed Salesforce and SAP to address diverse functional requirements and create a compelling customer experience, and we hope to do the same. We've paired the open source universal endpoint agent, osquery, with a scalable security analytics platform to enable a unified view for fleet visibility, intrusion detection, vulnerability management and compliance across Linux, macOS, Windows, containers, and cloud workloads. Uptycs collects, aggregates and analyzes your endpoint telemetry and, using SQL, transforms it into dashboards, reports and alerts that enable teams of any size to develop a continuous and proactive security posture.

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