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451 Report: Uptycs' Unique CNAPP Value Proposition

Read the 451 Research Market Insight Report to learn how Uptycs has differentiated itself from an increasingly noisy market.

Are you ready for a CNAPP solution that stands out from the crowd? Take a read through the latest 451 Research Report, ‘Uptycs Looks to Unify CNAPP and Developer Endpoint Security’, written by John McNeice of 451 Research and S&P Global.

Get the expert’s take on how Uptycs addresses overlooked vulnerabilities with its unified solution:

  • Developer endpoints: A critical security concern: Developer endpoints are constantly accessing cloud environments, making them prime targets for hackers.
  • Lack of visibility, a major challenge: Security teams often lack insight into developer endpoints, their activities throughout the software development lifecycle, and the threats that compromised developer laptops pose.
  • Uptycs, the holistic solution: Uptycs offers a comprehensive solution with its CNAPP, securing both cloud environments and developer endpoints, differentiating itself in a highly competitive market.

CNAPP Adoption is surging

Among an expanding CNAPP market, where 44.1% of enterprises have adopted and 28.3% plan to do so within a year, Uptycs differentiates by offering unified cloud and developer endpoint security. It aims to outshine competitors with its unique focus on understanding developer behavior, identifying threats, and securing cloud environments.

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