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5 Cloud Security Trends

Cybersecurity can often feel like you’re playing a game– but one where you’re always at a disadvantage. Not only do you not know who your opponents are, but you’re not even sure what game you’re playing, which set of rules are in use, and what the objective is. That makes it hard to know what strategy to employ– or even what tools to bring with you. After all, a deck of playing cards isn’t much help if it turns out you’re playing checkers.

2021 was in many ways a watershed moment for cybersecurity-- fueled by a rise in ransomware and some of the highest profile and devastating cyberattacks in history at the end of 2020 (see: Solarwinds). Additionally, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has continued to accelerate the transition to cloud and SaaS technologies, further complicating the demands on security teams. It’s a lot to get a handle on, so where do you even start?


Understanding the trends in cyberattacks is a good place to begin. While the deck is always stacked against the defender, knowing the most likely avenue of attack at any given time can help you shore up your defenses and put the right countermeasures in place. 

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