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Less Drama, Better Security Data: Unifying Your Cloud and EDR Solutions

“Devoutly agentless” cloud security vendors are reversing course and touting agent-based security — what’s really going on?

In an Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) survey about the challenges of marrying security tools from multiple vendors, 46% of respondents cited a “strain on their organization’s resources.”

Watch ESG’s leading endpoint and cloud security analysts, Melinda Marks and Dave Gruber, along with Kevin Paige, Uptycs’ CISO and 3X customer, as we dive into market dynamics, challenges, and solutions for securing your modern attack surface.

Webinar Panelists

Dave Gruber from Enterprise Strategy Group
Dave Gruber
Principal Cybersecurity Analyst - ESG
Melinda Marks from Enterprise Strategy Group
Melinda Marks
Sr. Analyst of Application & Cloud Security - ESG
Kevin Paige - CISO & VP of Product Strategy at Uptycs
Kevin Paige
CISO & VP of Product Strategy - Uptycs
Elias_Terman_Headshot Black Background
Elias Terman
CMO - Uptycs
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