Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

Protect the developer laptops that build your applications, to the Linux servers that run them. The Uptycs extended detection and response (XDR) solution is osquery-based, so you get powerful visibility and flexibility to secure and query any endpoint in your fleet. 

  • Threat Detection: Leverage out-of-the-box behavioral detections, then tailor them to meet your specific security requirements.
  • Blocking and Remediation: Halt malicious binaries and dubious domain requests, or deploy automated remediation scripts with ease.
  • Incident Response: Swiftly determine the scope and root cause of incidents, armed with in-depth context and advanced forensic capabilities.
  • Compliance and Hygiene: Harden your devices and ensure they meet compliance standards without breaking a sweat.

No matter your cloud security needs, Uptycs has you covered


Best-in-class endpoint security

With employees working from home, securing laptops is more important than ever. Uptycs supports macOS, Windows, and Linux endpoints with advanced endpoint security capabilities including file integrity monitoring, YARA rule support, and more.

Let users be part of the solution

Users are often the weakest link, but it’s up to us to empower them to do the right thing. Uptycs extended detection and response (XDR) includes user-driven security, where you involve users in improving their device security. 


Zero-trust scores for endpoints

Uptycs calculates device integrity, threat, vulnerability scores so you can determine if a device can be trusted to access any on-prem, cloud, or SaaS services.

Threat intelligence that’s smart

The Uptycs threat research team is constantly exploring the latest threats using our global threat intelligence framework including external and internal sources, resulting in actionable reports specifically for your environment.

“The security team at Flexport owns the Uptycs deployment, but the solution is providing value to the entire organization.”
Kevin Page
Kevin Page
CISO, Flexport
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