15-Minute Demo: April 23 @3pm PST

Group 337

Uptycs for Linux Security at Scale

In today’s cloud-first environment, Linux is much more heavily used, and more likely to be hosting mission critical applications and sensitive data. This has made Linux a growing target for attackers, driving the need for greater visibility and improved security practices.

15 minutes is all you'll need to see how Uptycs can help you:

  • - Track Software Inventory so you know what is running, where.
  • - Identify Policy Issues for easy troubleshooting.
  • - Reduce SIEM Storage using Uptycs' highly relevant data
  • - BONUS: Monitor Docker Containers without installing anything in the container itself.

Join Principal Product Manager, Guillaume Ross, as he moves through the Uptycs interface and showcases how to use osquery telemetry to secure and monitor Linux fleets at scale.

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What is osquery?

Osquery is a an open-source, cross-platform agent that turns your operating system into a virtual database, letting you leverage the power of the SQL language to ask anything from your system. Over 200 tables let you understand what processes are running, what users are logged in, where the machine is connected, what files are on disk and much, much more. Due to its flexibility and power, it makes an amazing tool for threat hunting, security monitoring, and even IT operations.

What is Uptycs?

Uptycs is a security analytics platform that combines the open source osquery agent with a scalable back end, highly optimized queries, and integrated threat feeds to enable incident investigation, audit and compliance & intrusion detection.

Are there other resources I can check out?

Yes, lots! To learn more about how osquery helps security teams monitor Linux environments at scale, read this case study: 

Hear from Comcast as they discuss their Linux Efficacy project here:

Or, visit our osquery resource hub: https://www.uptycs.com/osquery-resource-hub