Solutions for Modern Organizations

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Modern infrastructure is built with public and private clouds, Linux, Docker containers and Mac OSX endpoints and poses a new challenge for practitioners and executives in charge of Infrastructure Operations, IT, Compliance, and Incident Response.
The Uptycs approach to security and systems management together with the osquery agent, developed by Facebook, is built to support these modern organizational structures.

Infrastructure Operations

DevSecOps for the modern infrastructure

Modern infrastructure is cloud, containers, Linux, and Mac OSX. With Facebook's osquery as the universal endpoint agent, Uptycs extensions to access container metrics, and Uptycs SaaS Analytics platform, we bring an EDR, Forensics and Incident Investigation, Audit & Compliance, and FIM solution to your environment - inspired and based on the same technologies used by the likes of Facebook, Uber, and Airbnb.

IT Administrators

Secure your Mac OSX infrastructure

Mac OS X is fast becoming a significant portion of the employee productivity platform in most organizations. Yet, security solutions purpose-built for Mac OS X are relatively scarce. The lack of an adequate solution for OS X is what originally inspired Facebook to build and open-source the osquery endpoint agent. Today, osquery combined with research-derived query packs maintained by a passionate community and the power of the Uptycs SaaS platform are the most effective defensive measure for your Mac infrastructure.

Compliance Officers

Compliance for your entire environment

The technology shift to containerized environments has created a big hole for audit and compliance. The Uptycs extensions to Facebook osquery combined with the Uptycs SaaS and reporting allows us to retrieve system information for end to end compliance reporting in physical, virtual, and dockerized environments using the same endpoint agent.

Incident Response Teams

Flight Recorder and the Universal Data Store

Uptycs provides a modern SaaS analytics platform based on the same technologies used by Incident Investigation teams at companies such as Facebook, Uber, AirBnB, and others. Facebook's open-source osquery agent provides a viable, universal source of all system configuration and metrics information. Uptycs continuously collects this information and stores it in our SaaS Big Data Store, where our innovative Flight Recorder technology allows you to reconstruct the state of any endpoint at any time in the past using industry standard SQL queries. This allows Incident investigation to be conducted even after affected endpoints have been restored.